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    NATO receives first US shipment for common precision weapon stockpile


    ​NATO has started to build a stockpile of common air-to-ground precision guided munitions with the receipt of its first weapons shipment from the USA on 22 August.

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    J-Music to protect NATO tanker fleet


    Elbit Systems has been awarded a $46 million contract to equip a future pooled NATO fleet of Airbus A330 tankers with its J-Music directional infrared countermeasures self-protection equipment.

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    ANALYSIS: NATO nations take aim at 2% spending target


    For decades, the United States has been by far the largest contributor to the NATO’s military strength. Its budget dwarfs those of all the other nations added together, and the US has long sought to have its partners pay more towards the cost of the alliance. Now, President Donald Trump ...

  • Ramstein Alloy 4 - Mark Kwiatkowski

    PICTURE: NATO puts Baltic air defences to the test


    NATO staged the two-day "Ramstein Alloy 4" exercise in late April over Lithuania, giving locally deployed air forces the opportunity to practise quick reaction alert procedures and boost interoperability.

  • NATO AWACS - Boeing

    Boeing delivers first upgraded NATO AWACS


    B​oeing has delivered to NATO the first of 14 modified E-3A airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft featuring an upgraded cockpit and avionics suite.

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    ANALYSIS: Europe looks inward for future UAV ops


    ​European forces operate a diverse range of aircraft – including unmanned – due to their relatively high, NATO-level defence budgets and involvement in a number of international arenas.

  • Italian Typhoon - Finmeccanica

    Italian Typhoons demonstrate air-to-ground IFF capability


    Italian air force Eurofighter Typhoons have been used to demonstrate to NATO the ability to detect friendly ground forces using a modified air-to-air identification friend-or-foe (IFF) system.

  • Spanish Eurofighter - Geoffrey Lee Eurofighter

    Spain and Belgium prepare to take on Baltic policing duties


    ​On 7 January, Spain will take the lead role for the next four-month, NATO-led Baltic Air Policing (BAP) rotation, as it deploys four Eurofighter Typhoons to Šiauliai air base in Lithuania.

  • NATO AGS Global Hawk rollout preview - Northrop Gr

    NATO UV-16 looks to better use of data during joint missions


    NATO’s Unified Vision 2016 exercise is to explore how data collected from individual national aircraft – plus the alliance’s new unmanned air vehicle capability – can be better used during joint missions.

  • NATO E-3A - Miks Uzans/NATO

    NATO looks to AGS to retain AWACS relevance


    The lifespan of NATO’s airborne warning and control system fleet has become increasingly dependent on it being able to operate alongside its new unmanned Alliance Ground Surveillance capability.


    Northrop unveils NATO-1 Global Hawk destined for Europe


    Northrop Grumman has unveiled the first of five RQ-4B aircraft for NATO’s Alliance Ground Surveillance programme at a ceremony in Palmdale, California – a milestone on the multinational programme that has been 20 years in the making.

  • F-16 BAP - Royal Norwegian Air Force

    NATO rotates Baltic air policing force


    ​NATO has made its latest force rotation to deliver the Baltic Air Policing mission protecting the airspace of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with Norway to lead the activity until 31 August.

  • USN P-8 Poseidon - Rex Features

    ANALYSIS: Strength of UK's offensive fleet hangs on upcoming SDSR


    The island state of the UK is positioned – both politically and geographically – within a number of ongoing international conflicts.


    NATO stresses C2 role of AWACS fleet


    Too much demand is being placed on NATO’s Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) to provide information, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data to the alliance, despite its primary roles of command and control and battle management, a leading figure on the programme has revealed.

  • A330 MRTT boom - Airbus Military

    NATO trio could pool A330 tanker fleet


    ​A consortium of NATO nations could acquire a four-strong fleet of Airbus A330 multi-role tanker/transports, the European Defence Agency has announced.


    NATO finishes AWACS commitment to Afghanistan


    ​NATO has completed a more than three-year commitment of Boeing E-3A airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft to Afghanistan, with two of the command and control assets having returned to Europe.

  • MQ-1 Predator - USAF

    NATO report highlights UAV limitations


    NATO’s Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) has released a study into the vulnerabilities that the alliance's in-use unmanned air vehicles have, claiming that the nature of UAV operations to date may have limited their development.

  • F-18 USS G Bush Gulf NAVAIR FS

    NATO Summit: Obama confident in Iraq, Syria mission


    President Barack Obama has claimed that the USA is defiant in its mission to dismantle the Islamic insurgents that are advancing in Iraq and Syria, as it reaches a milestone in the number of air strikes it has carried out against them.

  • Danish minister FS - NATO

    NATO Summit: Denmark heads munitions sharing initiative


    Denmark is leading an effort to increase the availability of munitions across NATO member states following depletions in supplies during recent air campaigns.

  • NATO Cameron Rasmussen FS - Rex

    NATO Summit: UK offers up troops to counter Russian advances


    The UK Prime Minister has pledged 3,500 British troops in support of a quick reaction “spearhead force” that would be stationed in eastern Europe to protect against Russian advancements, should the implementation details be finalised at the NATO summit in Newport on 5 September.