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  • NATO RQ-4D Phoenix c NATO

    NATO declares initial operating capability for RQ-4D Phoenix fleet


    NATO has declared initial operating capability for its fleet of RQ-4D Phoenix unmanned air vehicles.

  • F-16 Belgian air force
    In depth

    The changing balance of NATO’s European fighter fleet


    We detail the combined combat power of European NATO nations.

  • MMF A330 MRTT 3

    NATO unit takes third A330 tanker


    The third Airbus Defence & Space A330 multi-role tanker transport produced for a pooled NATO-member fleet touched down at Eindhoven air base in the Netherlands on 19 November.

  • MMF 2

    NATO unit receives second A330 tanker


    NATO has received its second A330 multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) from Airbus Defence & Space, with the asset to be jointly employed by partners Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway.

  • tempest-typhoon-c-bae-systems

    European militaries prepare for budget battle


    Quite how a looming period of recession initiated by the coronavirus crisis will impact European defence budgets remains to be seen, but it is highly likely that a recent upward spending trend will be slowed – if not halted altogether

  • MMF A330 tanker

    European tanker fleet arrival plugs critical capability gap for NATO


    NATO has hailed the collaborative approach taken by six nations to address a critical shortfall in the availability of non-US air-to-air refuelling assets, after a first pooled tanker arrived at Eindhoven air base in the Netherlands.

  • A330 MRTT MMF

    NATO’s first pooled A330 tanker heads for Eindhoven home


    The first Airbus Defence & Space A330 multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) to be introduced as part of a pooled NATO fleet will arrive at Eindhoven air base in the Netherlands on 30 June.

  • NATO Boeing E-3A AWACS

    NATO upgrades surveillance with five Global Hawks, $1bn for AWACs


    NATO is planning to award Boeing a $1 billion contract to upgrade the alliance’s fleet of E-3A airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft at a ceremony at Melsbroek Air Base in Brussels on 27 November.

  • Belgian F-16 - AirTeamImages

    Everything you need to know about RIAT 2019


    With the UK’s summer air show season now hitting full stride, FlightGlobal looks ahead to arguably its finest offering: the 19-21 July Royal International Air Tattoo.

  • News

    PARIS: NATO tanker fleet passes countermeasures test


    Officials involved in the multinational multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) fleet (MMF) – which will see eight adapted Airbus A330s pooled between five European nations – are keen to introduce more countries to the capability-sharing agreement.

  • E-3A - NATO

    Keeping AWACS at the heart of NATO


    In what is a remarkable 12 months for aerospace-sector anniversaries – ranging from half-centuries since the first flights of the Boeing 747 and Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde, man's inaugural steps on the moon and the formation of both Airbus and Embraer, toFlight's own 110thyear – one of the most influential events could ...

  • cancelled flights screen c Filip Singer EPA-EFE–RE

    ANALYSIS: Hackers present a constantly evolving threat


    In June, some 900 European cybersecurity specialists from 30 countries sprang into action when an ordinary day at the airport turned into mayhem: automated check-in machines displayed "system failure", check-in counter computers packed up, smartphone travel apps stopped working, baggage claim shut down, departure boards read all flights "cancelled". Queues, ...

  • German Eurofighter An-26 - German air force

    NATO rotates Baltic, Romanian air policing duties


    NATO air forces have made their latest rotations in the provision of air policing services for the Baltic states and eastern Europe.

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    NATO receives first US shipment for common precision weapon stockpile


    ​NATO has started to build a stockpile of common air-to-ground precision guided munitions with the receipt of its first weapons shipment from the USA on 22 August.

  • News

    J-Music to protect NATO tanker fleet


    Elbit Systems has been awarded a $46 million contract to equip a future pooled NATO fleet of Airbus A330 tankers with its J-Music directional infrared countermeasures self-protection equipment.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: NATO nations take aim at 2% spending target


    For decades, the United States has been by far the largest contributor to the NATO’s military strength. Its budget dwarfs those of all the other nations added together, and the US has long sought to have its partners pay more towards the cost of the alliance. Now, President Donald Trump ...

  • Ramstein Alloy 4 - Mark Kwiatkowski

    PICTURE: NATO puts Baltic air defences to the test


    NATO staged the two-day "Ramstein Alloy 4" exercise in late April over Lithuania, giving locally deployed air forces the opportunity to practise quick reaction alert procedures and boost interoperability.

  • NATO AWACS - Boeing

    Boeing delivers first upgraded NATO AWACS


    B​oeing has delivered to NATO the first of 14 modified E-3A airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft featuring an upgraded cockpit and avionics suite.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Europe looks inward for future UAV ops


    ​European forces operate a diverse range of aircraft – including unmanned – due to their relatively high, NATO-level defence budgets and involvement in a number of international arenas.

  • Italian Typhoon - Finmeccanica

    Italian Typhoons demonstrate air-to-ground IFF capability


    Italian air force Eurofighter Typhoons have been used to demonstrate to NATO the ability to detect friendly ground forces using a modified air-to-air identification friend-or-foe (IFF) system.