ATR expects to freeze design on its new all-business HighLine cabin configuration by the end of the year as the manufacturer prepares for the start of services with launch customer Berjaya Air in the second half of 2025.

The airframer launched a series of upmarket cabin concepts, dubbed HighLine, at last year’s AIX show and subsequently secured Malaysian operator Berjaya as launch customer for the type. The carrier signed for two ATR 72-600s which it will deploy in the all-business layout.


Source: ATR

ATR’s new all-business High Line cabin concept will feature Geven’s new Eterea premium seat

“This is one of the clients that pushed us to go to more VIP interiors,” explains Louis Barral, ATR’s business development manager for high-end markets. ”Starting in 2025, when they are going to take delivery of their ATR 72-600 all-business class, they will serve their luxury hotels and resorts with that interior, to fly from, say, Kuala Lumpur to where the hotel is located.

”We need now to make this configuration a reality and this is the significant progress we’ve made since last year. The cabin has improved significantly,” says Barral. 

One decision is that ATR will carry out the project through a supplemental type certificate (STC). ”The principle of it is ATR could deliver a green aircraft – an aircraft with no seats – and then the aircraft will be sent to an MRO based in France that will apply the cabin and then be delivered to Berjaya.”

ATR has also selected its seat for the all-business layout, the Eterea product being developed by Geven. ”That is exclusive for the ATR,” says Barral. ”One of the strong advantages of that seat is will fit the standard seat rails, so we don’t need any platforms, which it permits to reduce the weight.

”This seat will be even better than the concept, because it is wider between the armrests, and the console also fits a laptop bag inside.”

The cabin design, which offers full-aisle access in all seats, also has the overhead bins removed for a higher ceiling.

”The idea is to freeze the design by the end of this year,” Barral adds. ”The green aircraft will be delivered mid-2025, then the STC will be applied, and then the idea is for the second half of 2025 to have the aircraft flying. We are on track, on time and from the concept to the advanced design, we see a lot of progress, which is very promising for the rest of the project.

”It will be the very first ATR aircraft with the High Line brand on it,” he adds. ”We think it is going to change the way we fly regionally for different market profiles, commercial airlines but as well extending to more business operator.”