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  • USN MQ-4C Triton anechoic chamber - US Navy

    DSEI: Northrop maintains hope in UK, Norway markets for Triton


    Ahead of the release of the UK’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) next month, Northrop Grumman remains hopeful that the nation’s maritime patrol capability gap can be filled with its MQ-4C Triton high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) unmanned air vehicle.

  • Zephyr 7 - Airbus Defence & Space

    Airbus ready for Zephyr sales to take off


    ​Airbus Defence & Space has begun developing a next-generation version of its long-endurance Zephyr platform, with the design to feature an increased 35m (115ft) wingspan and, at 40kg (88lb), a heftier payload capacity.

  • RN Sulsa 3D print UAV - Crown Copyright

    ANALYSIS: Royal Navy plays catch up with UAV operations


    While the UK Royal Air Force has an abundance of operational unmanned air vehicle experience, its naval sister service is a relative novice in UAV operations, and is exploring a variety of ways to approach the integration of such technology.


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  • V-22 Osprey

    MAKS: Russian Helicopters launches unmanned tiltrotor concept


    Russian Helicopters has expressed new interest in developing tiltrotor technologies that could be used to design a new family of unmanned and potentially even manned aircraft.

  • Golden Eagle/Berkut 2 -  558 Aircraft Repair Plant

    MAKS: ​Belarus carving slice of military UAV market


    Belarus appears to have carved out a niche for itself in the unmanned aircraft business thanks to purchases of its Condor and Golden Eagle unmanned air vehicle systems by the military.

  • Neuron UCAV - Alenia

    Italian Neuron testing ends as Swedish stint begins


    Italy has completed its share of testing of the pan-European Neuron unmanned combat air vehicle, which saw it carry out 12 sorties from Decimomannu air base in Sardinia.

  • Aerosense UAV - Aerosense

    VIDEO: Sony/ZMP UAV takes flight


    A recently formed Sony Mobile/ZMP joint venture has carried out first flight tests of a vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing unmanned air vehicle prototype.

  • Wing loong UAV

    VIDEO: Chinese Wing Loong UAV carries out weapon drops


    ​The state-owned China Central Television (CCTV) news channel has released a previously unseen video of Beijing’s AVIC Wing Loong unmanned air vehicle carrying out weapons testing.

  • USN MQ-4C Triton anechoic chamber - US Navy

    Triton UAV to undergo USN operational assessment in September


    The US Navy is to begin an operational assessment of the Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton unmanned air vehicle in September, ultimately paving the way for the start of low rate initial production of the type.

  • Ukraine Black Square UAV - Yuri Kasyanov/Facebook

    Activists seek partner to bring new UAV to Ukrainian troops


    Ukrainian volunteers are seeking a partner to help bring a new unmanned air vehicle to the nation's armed forces in their fight against separatist rebels in the east of the country.

  • ScanEagle - Boeing

    ​USAF targets small UAS in new strategic vision paper


    The US Air Force is likely to ramp up its investment in small unmanned aircraft following the release of a long-awaited strategic vision document dedicated to tiny flying weapons.

  • EC-Safemobil UAV landing - FADA-CATEC

    VIDEO: European UAV lands on moving platform without GPS


    ​A European Commission-funded study has successfully demonstrated the ability of a tethered unmanned air vehicle to land on a moving 3D platform without the aid of GPS.

  • Swiss Post Matternet One UAV - Swiss Post

    UAV market set to triple in value in next decade


    A new report predicts that the global market for unmanned air vehicles will more than triple over the next decade, with growth fuelled by the emergence of recreational and commercial models, alongside the continued production of established military types.

  • MQ-1 Predator. US Air Force.

    USAF plans to end MQ-1 Predator operations in 2018


    The remotely-piloted aircraft that ushered in the armed drone revolution, the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-1, will be put out to pasture by 2018, after more than two decades of service, the US Air Force says.

  • RAF Reaper full size - RAF

    Spain allocates funds for MALE UAV


    ​The Spanish military is in the process of down selecting a medium altitude, long endurance unmanned air vehicle, for which it has reportedly allocated €25 million ($26 million) in its 2016 budget.

  • Phantom UAV - Rex

    ERA joins call for more European UAV regulation


    ​The UK-based European Regions Airlines Association has claimed that the safety of European airspace is threatened by the growing use of unmanned air vehicles, and has subsequently called for more regulation and control over their use.

  • Falcon 9 note landing legs c SPACEX

    Silicon Valley launches itself into space


    ​With Airbus cozying up to Silicon Valley and Facebook unveiling a high-altitude UAV designed to take the internet to where no wire has gone before, Flightglobal surveys the aerospace ambitions of tech world titans.

  • Phantom UAV - Rex

    EASA calls on operator input for proposed UAV ruling


    ​EASA has released its introduction to a new regulatory framework for the operation of unmanned air vehicles, and is calling on feedback from interested parties that could help shape the new rulemaking surrounding such technology.

  • Facebook Aquila 640

    Facebook unveils 42m wingspan Aquila UAV


    ​Social media specialist Facebook has unveiled the completed prototype of a solar-powered unmanned aircraft designed to fly above 60,000ft for more than three months.