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  • Dennis Muilenburg - Jim Young/AP/REX/Shutterstock

    Boeing chief can find no escape from tough questions


    The difficult position of Boeing’s chief executive – and the delicate balancing act he must perform – became particularly evident during the annual shareholder meeting on 29 April.

  • F-35C Super Hornet - US Navy

    Can US Navy maintain carrier aviation edge?


    Anyone who knows the US Navy (USN) is aware that the service is very proud of its heritage. But observers also know this justifiable pride runs extremely close to worship. And, as any secular observer knows well, worship is blind.

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    737 Max airmanship needs as much scrutiny as MCAS


    There is an uncomfortable aspect of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max accident that complicates an investigation whose narrative has been dictated by debate over the controversial Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System.

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    No winners if Airbus-Boeing WTO saga carries on


    The current sparring between Europe and the USA over subsidies paid to airframers Airbus and Boeing drags on.

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    Stratolaunch hopes to avoid Spruce Goose's fate


    Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose – more formally known as the H-4 Hercules – was until 13 April this year the largest aircraft ever to have flown. Conceived as a WWII transatlantic troop carrier, the fighting had, mercifully, ended before the flying boat finally flew, for just a few seconds, in 1947. Retirement followed.

  • Harop - Israel Aerospace Industries

    Autonomous lethal drones a legal challenge


    Are they lethal autonomous weapons systems, with the tidy acronym “LAWS” – or killer robots? Either way, politicians, soldiers, society and the aerospace industry that serves them must grapple with the question: how far should we go in marrying artificial intelligence (AI) and unmanned air systems – or, to use their more emotive name, drones?

  • F-35 assembly line - Lockheed Martin

    OPINION: Should Washington eject Ankara from F-35 project?


    Never say never. Sound advice, but probably not words that will be well received by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His refusal to cancel Ankara’s order for Almaz-Antey S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missiles creates the real possibility that his country will lose something even more valuable: participation in the Joint Strike ...

  • Airbus CDC - Airbus

    Airbus in control of interiors with own cabin centre


    The opening by Airbus – on the eve of the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg – of an expanded cabin customisation ­facility at its local production plant is a clear signal to airlines, suppliers and competitors that the airframer wants to be in control of the interior completion process.

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    E-7 purchase is good news for UK


    Confirming one of the worst-kept ­secrets in UK defence procurement, late March’s £1.5 billion ($1.96 billion) order for five Boeing 737NG-based E-7 airborne early warning and control system aircraft was nevertheless a welcome development for the Royal Air Force (RAF).

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    OPINION: UTC's electric dreams are achievable


    ​United Technologies (UTC) has become the latest major aerospace supplier to unveil its strategy for a more-electric powertrain, pursuing the goal under its Project 804 initiative.

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    OPINION: Hard work for Safran in making Zodiac's stars align


    ​When it announced it was in talks to buy fellow French company ­Zodiac Aerospace back in January 2017, Safran probably did not have a complete picture of its target's woes.

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    OPINION: Response to Max crashes will define Boeing's reputation


    Bilateral arrangements in aviation safety rely on the assumption that the rules and practices across different jurisdictions are largely interchangeable.

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    OPINION: The F-15's unlikely renaissance


    Not too long ago, the Boeing F-15’s days looked numbered.

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    OPINION: Confidence threatened by polarised Max response


    ​Partial suspension of Boeing 737 Max operations exposed an extraordinary regulatory disparity, with European and US authorities – normally fixated on procedural harmonisation and alignment – entrenched in opposing positions on the matter.

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    OPINION: Bidding a fond farewell to RAF's mighty Tonka


    ​Out with the old, as the saying goes. This week, we mark the Royal Air Force’s retirement of its last Tornado strike aircraft, a half-century after it was conceived by the three-nation Panavia consortium, and 40 years after it entered UK service.

  • Farnborough weekend

    OPINION: Industry should seize on end of Farnborough public days


    ​Many in the industry recall the first time they visited an air show as a formative experience that stirred their passion for aviation and set them on course for a career as a pilot, engineer, or even aerospace journalist.

  • Concorde - Airbus

    OPINION: Concorde still sets the pace, 50 years from first flight


    "From the beginning of time until about 1840, the distance a man could travel between getting up and going to bed was about 75 miles… then technology produced the aeroplane, and today a man can travel 7,000 miles in his waking hours. When the supersonic era is inaugurated this 12h ...

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    OPINION: Only luck saved lives in Durango's unqualified disaster


    On an August day in the Alps last year, a teenage enthusiast on a pleasure flight aboard a single-engined Piper was offered the opportunity to take the controls, even though he had no experience and the pilot had no instructor qualification.

  • F-21 - Lockheed Martin

    OPINION: Lockheed's F-21 reveal: marketing or masterstroke?


    ​What’s in a name – particularly when your product seemingly already has more than enough of them to choose from?

  • BEA A319 retrojet British Airways_4

    British Airways picks tough year to turn 100


    Celebrating a British Airways’ centenary in the year of Brexit was always going to be a difficult.