One of the modified Boeing 747-400s used by the airframer for 787 aerostructure transport has apparently suffered a landing-gear malfunction during take-off from Taranto.

Video footage circulating on social media purportedly shows one of the aircraft’s main landing-gear wheels detaching and falling, trailing smoke, to the ground as the jet lifts off from runway 35.

Italian aerospace firm Leonardo manufactures 787 fuselage sections at its Grottaglie facility. Boeing resumed deliveries of 787s in August following a prolonged suspension.

The 747-400LCF transport (N718BA) had been en route to Charleston where Boeing has a 787 assembly facility, and proceeded to its destination despite the event.

US carrier Atlas Air operates the fleet of 747-400LCFs – also known as Dreamlifters – on behalf of the airframer.

Italian accident investigation authority ANSV has yet to clarify whether it will open an inquiry into the wheel loss.