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    Atlas Air reports $293m loss in 2019 as it writes down 747-400 fleet


    Aircraft lessor and air freight company Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings reported a loss for 2019 as it wrote down parts of its fleet due to lower cargo business during the year.

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    Atlas Air to fly cargo for El Al


    Aircraft lessor and air freight company Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings says its Atlas Air unit will be flying cargo for Israel’s flag carrier El Al beginning this month.

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    Atlas 767 crash probe considers whether pilot nudged crucial switch


    Investigators have carried out a series of observations to examine whether pilots of an Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 freighter could have accidentally activated a go-around switch while operating other flight controls. The 767 entered go-around mode while descending for approach to Houston on 23 February, apparently triggering an in-flight ...

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    Spectre of pitch-up illusion emerges in Atlas 767 crash probe


    Investigators have alluded to the possibility that an Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 freighter pilot experienced somatogravic illusion before the aircraft entered a fatal dive on approach to Houston. The aircraft had been descending through cloud at 6,000ft when its go-around mode activated and its engine thrust increased, causing the ...

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    Titan and Bain Capital Credit form leasing joint venture


    Titan Aviation Holdings, the dry-leasing specialist subsidiary of airplane lessor Atlas Air Worldwide, says it has entered into a joint venture with Bain Capital Credit to develop a cargo aircraft leasing portfolio as it seeks to benefit from the continuing rapid rise in e-commerce. 

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    PODCAST: Airline Business on Ryanair, Vietnam, Aigle Azur, cargo


    The new edition of the Airline Business podcast is now available.

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    Atlas CEO seeks trade certainty from Washington


    ​​Policymakers must take a long-term view on trade with nations including China to reduce uncertainty among air cargo carriers and customers that rely on their decisions to plan investments, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings chief executive William Flynn says in a speech on 10 September in Washington, D.C.

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    Air cargo woes endure amid US-China spat


    There are few signs that the air freight market will find any relief from the tough market conditions seen so far in 2019, as the trade spat between the USA and China, and a slowing global economy, dent demand.

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    Atlas, Southern cargo pilots lose labor arbitration


    ​​Pilots of Southern Air and its sister carrier Atlas Air must combine their seniority lists as part of their labor negotiations following a decision by a third-party arbitrator, the latest development in a three-and-a-half-year dispute between pilots and management.

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    ANALYSIS: Trump's Gulf spat intervention and his American history


    Reports that US president Donald Trump sided against the USA’s big three airlines during a mid-July “heated showdown” about Gulf carrier state subsidy allegations do not mark the first time he has had tough words for American Airlines.

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    Qantas Freight to upsize to 747-8Fs


    Qantas Freight will replace the two Boeing 747-400 Freighters it wet-leases from Atlas Air with larger 747-8Fs that will still be operated by the US carrier.

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    Atlas 767 crash probe strives to comprehend pitch upset


    US investigators probing the Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 freighter crash have yet to explain fully the initiating circumstances behind the elevator deflection which pushed the aircraft into a fatal dive on approach to Houston.

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    Crashed Atlas 767 dove after turbulence, elevator movement: NTSB


    The Atlas Air Boeing 767 Freighter that crashed last month was flying in turbulence and had pitched nose up before control column movement put the aircraft into a fatal dive, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

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    PICTURES: NTSB completes Atlas Air cockpit voice recorder review


    ​​Engineers in Washington, DC, are investigating the flight data recorder from the Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER Freighter that crashed in Trinity Bay southeast of Houston on 23 February.

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    NTSB recovers cockpit voice recorder from crashed Atlas 767F


    ​The National Transportation Safety Board has recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER Freighter that crashed southeast of Houston on 23 February.

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    VIDEO: NTSB video shows Atlas 767 debris field


    The US National Transportation Safety Board has released video and photographs showing the debris field left by Atlas Air flight 3591, that crashed southeast of Houston killing three people on 23 February.

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    US investigators puzzle over Atlas 767's fatal dive


    ​Twenty years after the most notorious accident in the Boeing 767’s history, US investigators are faced with explaining another fatal dive involving a twinjet which has maintained an impressive safety record over its near-40-year service life.

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    Video shows Atlas 767F in ‘steep’ dive prior to crash: NTSB


    ​The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has obtained security video showing Atlas Air flight 3591 in a “steep nose-down attitude” prior to crashing in Trinity Bay near Houston on 23 February.

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    US investigators converge on site of deadly Atlas Air 767 crash


    US investigators are converging on the site where the 767-300ER Freighter crashed into the water on 23 February, killing three people on board.

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    Crashed 767's crew appeared to be trying to avoid weather


    ​Preliminary analysis of air traffic control communications with the crashed Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER freighter near Houston indicates that the crew was trying to avoid a weather system during the approach.