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  • ghost4_action_11

    Anduril unveils rugged Ghost 4 recon UAV with radio silent, autonomous ops


    The company promises the drone is more rugged, packable and longer-flying than its predecessor. Its on-board computer, which has 32 teraops of processing power, allows the drone to use artificial intelligence programs to make decisions and identify targets autonomously.

  • LTPA Alpha Jet Hawk - Qinetiq

    Qinetiq awarded £1 billion for UK military test and evaluation services


    Qinetiq has been awarded £1 billion ($1.26 billion) from the UK Ministry of Defence to modernise the test and evaluation services it provides at three sites across the UK.

  • RAF Typhoon Dubai 2015 - BillyPix

    FARNBOROUGH: BAE wins 10-year Typhoon support deal


    BAE Systems has been awarded a new support deal for the Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon fleet, that will for the first time allow cost savings achieved under the programme to be ploughed back into capability enhancement.

  • Zephyr 8 stress test - Airbus Defence & Space

    UK discloses Zephyr-suited payload investment


    The UK government’s Centre for Defence Excellence (CDE) is supporting the development airborne payload projects, which will seemingly be adapted for use on its new Airbus Defence & Space Zephyr high-altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS).

  • Russian UAV - Russian advanced projects agency

    Russia looks to develop advanced rotary-wing UAV test bed


    Russia’s advanced research projects agency is launching a programme for the development of a rotary-winged unmanned air vehicle testbed, which will be used by government agencies to assess advanced robotic technologies for the military.

  • Iraqi CH-4 - Iraqi MoD

    Western defence technology edge challenged by proliferation


    More needs to be done by the West to address an ever-increasing imbalance of military power towards nations benefiting from new low barriers of entry to advanced missile and unmanned technology, new analysis has revealed.

  • Zephyr 8 stress test - Airbus Defence & Space

    UK contract for Zephyr HAPS imminent


    The UK Ministry of Defence is close to signing a contract with Airbus Defence & Space for the manufacture and testing of two Zephyr 8 high-altitude pseudo satellites (HAPS).

  • Neuron UCAV - Alenia

    UK predicts more stealthy and stand-off ops by 2035


    Future British military operations will require more stand-off or remotely-operated weapons to counter a spread of advanced technologies among its enemies that will make today's conflicts appear "relatively simple" by comparison, according to a Ministry of Defence research paper.

  • Harop - IAI

    Software regulation challenges UCAV proliferation control


    The introduction of international laws for a future generation of unmanned combat air vehicles hinges on the regulation of software, which can effectively be used to turn a regular aerial system into an autonomous weapon.

  • MD4-200 VTOL UAV - Rex Features

    DfT takes UAV discussion on military and civil UAVs to the public


    A Department for Transport-led team is about to launch a series of public dialogues that will help inform the government on how the British population views the operation of civil and military unmanned air vehicles in UK airspace.

  • Watchkeeper - Thales

    CAA claims Watchkeeper controlled airspace flight was isolated event


    The recent flight of a Thales Watchkeeper in controlled airspace in Wales was simply “a one-off”, and a lot more work must be done before unmanned systems of its size can routinely fly through national airspace, the UK Civil Aviation Authority says.

  • Watchkeeper - Thales

    Watchkeeper carries out sortie in controlled airspace


    Thales’s Watchkeeper unmanned air vehicle has been successfully flown in controlled airspace under the jurisdiction of air traffic control for the first time, completing a 1h sortie in Wales on 30 September.

  • Black Hornet - UK MoD

    MAA prepares update to unmanned operations guidelines


    ​The UK’s Military Aviation Authority is preparing the release of an updated version of its regulations on unmanned air vehicles, which will draw on feedback from the first document that was released in January this year.

  • Taranis - BAE Systems

    Taranis to enter third testing phase


    ​The UK’s BAE Systems Taranis unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator will carry out a third phase of flight tests towards the end of the year, the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

  • RAF Reaper - Crown Copyright

    MoD reveals Reaper derivative will be chosen for Protector


    The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the unmanned air vehicle that it plans to acquire under its recently-announced Protector effort will be a derivative of the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9 Reaper that the Royal Air Force operates.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Royal Navy opens doors for UAV ops discussions


    ​In an effort to progress in its understanding of unmanned air vehicle operations, the Royal Navy held a maritime unmanned air systems awareness conference at RNAS Culdrose – home of the 700 Xperimental (700X) naval air squadron that operates the Insitu ScanEagle UAV – on 24 and 25 September.

  • Plextek UAV comms antenna - Beth Stevenson

    DSEI: Plextek develops new tech for UK urban UAV ops


    Plextek Consulting is well under way in its work for the UK government to develop a number of technologies that will allow unmanned aerial vehicles to operate in urban environments.

  • News

    PARIS: Thales to deliver new ATC radar to UK MoD


    ​Thales has unveiled a new air traffic control radar that it will deliver to the UK Ministry of Defence for its Marshall modernisation programme.

  • Typhoon with common launcher illustration - BAE Sy

    BAE to study common weapon launcher for Typhoon


    Under a UK Ministry of Defence-sponsored feasibility study, BAE Systems has been contracted to research the possibility of adding a common weapon launcher on to the Eurofighter Typhoon.

  • AUDS anti-UAV system - Blighter

    British SMEs develop system to counter UAVs


    ​A consortium of three British companies has developed a counter-unmanned air vehicle defence system to tackle what is considers to be the “growing threat of malicious UAVs”.