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  • German CH-53 - WestEnd61/REX/Shutterstock

    ILA: Boeing and Sikorsky arrive in Germany to tout heavy-lift offerings


    ​Boeing and Sikorsky are touting the benefits of their heavy-lift rotorcraft offerings to Germany in a bid to influence the decision on a replacement for the air force’s CH-53G.

  • Euro Hawk credit Northrop Grumman

    Northrop preparing German Euro Hawk to fly again


    The Northrop Grumman-built “Euro Hawk” unmanned air vehicle will fly again after the Germany Air Force decided to resume testing of the aircraft and its Airbus Defence & Space signals intelligence payload.

  • German CH-53 - WestEnd61/REX/Shutterstock

    Germany to choose between Chinook and CH-53K for heavy-lift successor


    ​Germany is moving ahead with an acquisition programme to replace its air force's Sikorsky CH-53 heavy-lift helicopters, with the choice narrowed to two types.

  • A330 MRTT boom - Airbus Military

    Germany to join multinational tanker effort


    Germany has revealed plans to join the Multinational MRTT Fleet (MMF) alongside the Netherlands, Norway and Poland, to share a fleet of Airbus Defence & Space A330 multi-role tanker transports.

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    German air force poised to accept first H145M rotorcraft


    Airbus Helicopters will next week begin deliveries of the H145M rotorcraft to its German air force launch customer.

  • German air force Tornado Holloman - Astrid Burger-

    US-based German Tornados receive life-extending upgrades


    Deliveries of upgraded Panavia Tornados to the German air force’s training wing at Holloman AFB in New Mexico are now under way, with five modified examples from the 15 aircraft based in the USA having been delivered to date.

  • German Heron - Rex Features

    PARIS: IAI and Airbus await Heron replacement tender


    ​An Israeli Aerospace Industries/Airbus Defence & Space team is counting on the release of a request for proposals (RfP) from the German government for a replacement unmanned air vehicle before year end, ahead of a planned election in 2016.

  • European tankers - Anno Gravemaker

    European tanker exercise points towards combined fleet


    ​Tanker aircraft from four nations are nearing the completion of a European Defence Agency-backed exercise which is intended to increase interoperability and cooperation.

  • Euro Hawk credit Northrop Grumman

    German air force still desires HALE UAV for SIGINT role


    ​The German air force has touted the benefits that a high altitude, long endurance unmanned air vehicle would have over a converted business jet to fill the signal intelligence (SIGINT) capability gap that it was left with in 2010.

  • German Typhoon - Amari AFB - BAP - Beth

    ANALYSIS: Baltic air policing mission in Estonia to continue through 2015


    ​The increased tensions in Eastern Europe as a result of Russia’s advances into Ukraine resulted in NATO’s Baltic Air Policing (BAP) effort ramping up in May this year, including the establishment of a permanent detachment being based out of Amari air base in Estonia.

  • German A400M - Airbus Defence & Space

    Germany receives first A400M airlifter


    ​Germany has taken delivery of its first A400M tactical transport, with its air force becoming the fourth to introduce the type.

  • Luftwaffe A400M maiden flight - Airbus

    Berlin signs for A400M support as first delivery looms


    ​Germany has signed a pair of contracts to support its operation of the A400M tactical transport until December 2018, just days before its air force is expected to receive its first example from Airbus Defence & Space.

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    LHT modifies Luftwaffe A310 as zero-gravity aircraft


    Lufthansa Technik is converting a former German air force Airbus A310 into a test and research aircraft for French national space centre CNES.

  • Luftwaffe A400M maiden flight - Airbus

    Germany's first A400M conducts maiden flight


    ​The German air force’s first Airbus Defence and Space A400M Atlas tactical transport made its maiden flight on 14 October ahead of its expected delivery in November.

  • German A400M - Airbus Defence & Space

    Germany's first A400M leaves paint shop


    ​Germany's first A400M tactical transport has moved a step closer to its delivery later this year, with the aircraft having received the Luftwaffe's service markings.

  • German Eurofighter damage - BFU

    Learjet collided with German Eurofighter during hard turn


    ​The two-man crew of a Bombardier Learjet 35A died when their aircraft was in collision with a German air force Eurofighter when a quick reaction alert training exercise went wrong, Germany’s BFU accident investigation board has concluded, in an interim report into the 23 June mishap.

  • A400M Germany - Airbus Defence & Space

    Germany's first A400M runs its engines


    ​Airbus has performed the first engine ground run with an A400M tactical transport for future operator Germany, with the milestone having being reached in accordance with a schedule to deliver the aircraft before the end of this year.

  • Tornado trio - Craig Hoyle

    Tornado could fly on into 2030s, partners say


    Europe’s Panavia Tornado will remain in use as a relevant frontline asset for more than another 10 years, according to its programme partners, even though one of its main operators does not plan to retain the type beyond the end of this decade.

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    Learjet crashes after collision with Eurofighter


    ​A Eurofighter Typhoon has collided with a Bombardier Learjet operated by GFD over Olsberg, North Rhine Westphalia in Germany today. The Learjet crashed in open countryside and was totally destroyed with a crew of two on board. The German air force Typhoon has landed safely with no injuries to its ...

  • German A400M - Airbus Defence & Space

    First German A400M takes shape


    ​Airbus Defence & Space has started the final assembly of its A400M tactical transport for a fourth nation, with Germany’s lead example due for delivery in November 2014.