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  • Bird Eye 400 - IAI

    IAI, Alpha team for Indian UAS opportunity


    Israel Aerospace Industries has signed a teaming agreement with India's Alpha Design Technologies, under which the partners will market and produce mini-unmanned air systems including the former's Bird-Eye 400 and 650 for Indian customers.

  • Rafale

    ANALYSIS: India's fighters battle for relevance


    ​Aero India provides a unique opportunity for a close look at the eclectic mix of Russian, American and European platforms operated by India’s air force. A keen observer will look beyond the cold war era aircraft on show, to notice the transformation from what was once a tactical air force, ...

  • T-50

    ANALYSIS: Programme co-operation between India and Russia faces challenges


    India’s joint aircraft design and development programmes with Russia were meant to showcase its increase in stature, coupled with the desire to move beyond licensed production and change the “buyer-seller” status quo that existed with its trusted ally.

  • Netra UAV - IdeaForge

    Delhi police force to deploy mini UAV for night surveillance


    ​Delhi police officers will deploy a mini unmanned air vehicle capable of flying night-time surveillance operations, in response to recent crimes that have been committed in the north of the city, Indian media has reported.

  • News

    India resumes Su-30MKI flights following safety checks


    ​The Indian air force has resumed flying activities with its Sukhoi Su-30MKI combat aircraft, after removing a grounding order imposed after an uncommanded ejection involving the type on 21 October.

  • Tejas Mk1 trainer - ADA

    Last prototype Tejas trainer makes flight debut


    A twin-seat trainer variant of India’s Tejas Mk1 light combat aircraft has performed its first test flight from Bengaluru in a final series production configuration meant for the Indian air force.

  • Indian PC-7 MkII - Atul Chandra

    Pilatus waits on Indian trainer decision


    ​Swiss airframer Pilatus has quickly established itself as a trusted supplier to the Indian air force, because of the smooth entry into service and performance of its PC-7 MkII basic trainer aircraft (BTA). As of last month, its in-service examples had exceeded 22,000 flying hours and accumulated well over 42,000 ...

  • Fennec India - Airbus Helicopters

    India restarts reconnaissance helicopter contest


    ​India’s defence ministry has released a fresh request for information (RFI) for reconnaissance and surveillance (RSH) rotorcraft to be acquired for the nation's army and air force.

  • News

    India halts Su-30 flights after latest crash


    The Indian air force has temporarily suspended flying on its entire fleet of an estimated 200 Sukhoi Su-30MKIs, following an uncommanded ejection involving the type on 21 October.

  • Tejas Mk1 first flight - HAL

    ​India’s Tejas light fighter crosses milestone


    The first series production example of India’s Tejas Mk1 light combat aircraft (LCA) completed its maiden flight on 30 September. The single-engined aircraft took to the air – without any telemetry support – from Hindustan Aeronautics’ (HAL) airport in Bengaluru, and landed safely after a flight lasting less than 30min.

  • Modi at ISRO

    India triumphs with Mars arrival in busy week at red planet


    India has joined a very exclusive club of spacefaring nations, with the successful arrival of its Mars Orbiter Mission. Named Mangalyaan – “Mars craft” in Sanskrit – India’s orbiter spent 300 days enroute and will now be readied for its scientific mission, to study the planet’s atmosphere and geology with ...

  • News

    Jet Airways to begin four new services to Abu Dhabi


    ​Jet Airways will begin four new services from India to Abu Dhabi, starting 14 November.

  • US-2 - JMSDF

    India looks to acquire 18 ShinMaywa US-2 amphibians


    The Indian navy is looking to acquire 18 ShinMaywa US-2i amphibian aircraft, informed sources have told Flightglobal.

  • Dhruv crash - Rex Features

    Indian air force continues Dhruv grounding


    ​The Indian air force has grounded its Hindustan Aeronautics-built Dhruv advanced light helicopters, following a fatal crash that happened on 25 July. All seven personnel on board were killed when the Mk III production standard aircraft came down after its crew had issued a mayday call.

  • T-50

    ANALYSIS: India's air force modernisation challenge


    The modernisation of the Indian air force is massive in scale and hugely expensive, but will deliver capability that will put the service at the forefront of any battle in the future.

  • Indian AF C-130J

    India finalises follow-on C-130J buy


    ​Lockheed Martin has received a contract worth almost $565 million to produce an additional six C-130J-30 tactical transports for the Indian air force.

  • News

    India advances Avro replacement programme


    India's Avro programme to replace obsolete Hindustan Aeronautics-built HS-748 transports will be handled by the nation’s private sector. The decision – taken during a Defence Acquisition Council meeting led by defence minister Arun Jaitley – means state-owned airframer HAL will have no role to play in the estimated $2.2 billion ...

  • News

    India orders more Dhruv helicopters


    ​Hindustan Aeronautics has received approval to manufacture 32 Dhruv Mk III advanced light helicopters, to be divided equally between the Indian navy and Indian coastguard.

  • News

    MBDA signs Indian ASRAAM contract


    India’s defence ministry has signed a £250 million ($428 million) contract with MBDA to equip its Sepecat/Hindustan Aeronautics Jaguar strike aircraft with the company’s ASRAAM short-range air-to-air missile. A company source has confirmed the signing, but declined to provide any further specifics.

  • DMC-3

    ANALYSIS: India powering ahead with heavy-lift launcher programme


    India’s 12th five year plan period (2012-2017) has been generous to the Indian Space Research Organisation: 25 launches, 33 satellites into orbit and an overall budget of $6.4 billion. During 2014-2015, the space agency will spend just over $1 billion on its satellite, launcher and space exploration programmes.