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  • An-22-c-Dmytro Antonov

    An-22 among several Antonov aircraft damaged during Gostomel combat


    Ukrainian airframer Antonov has disclosed that several aircraft types, including an An-22 outsize freighter, were damaged during the firefight with Russian forces at Gostomel airport. The large four-engined An-22 had been – along with the six-engined An-225 – a highly-recognisable aircraft within the Ukrainian cargo fleet. Combat operations at Gostomel ...

  • Red Wings-c-Red Wings

    Russian firm looks to shift carriers onto domestic booking platform


    Russian state technology firm Rostec’s joint venture with Sirena-Travel is preparing to enable Russian carriers to transfer to a domestic reservations system, to protect against possible problems with foreign booking platforms. The venture, RT-Transcom, is carrying out preparations under a state order in order to “protect the industry”. It says ...

  • S7 Airlines-c-ACG

    Russian presidential decree orders aircraft lease payments in roubles


    Russian president Vladimir Putin has issued a decree setting out measures for fulfilling aircraft and engine lease payments, stating that they will be met in Russian currency. The decree on “temporary procedures” to meet obligations to certain foreign creditors was signed on 1 April. Hundreds of aircraft leased to Russian ...

  • CR929 family-c-United Aircraft

    Sino-Russian CR929 to be another casualty of Ukraine invasion


    As Russia’s aerospace sector reels under sanctions following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, a longer-term victim is likely to be the ambitious CR929 widebody, jointly developed by China and Russia. 

  • Pobeda 737-c-Pobeda

    Pobeda parks large part of fleet and concentrates Moscow network on Vnukovo


    Aeroflot Group’s budget carrier Pobeda is to cut back its operations, putting 40% of its fleet into storage and trimming its network in response to the constraints on Russian air transport. It will maintain services with 25 Boeing 737s but park 16 others. The airline will also suspend the transfer ...

  • MC-21-310 Dubai 2021

    MC-21 serial production delay forces Russia to look at fuel subsidy for older types


    Russia’s government is expecting serial production of the Irkut MC-21 to be pushed back by up to two years, and has outlined optimistic plans to ramp-up output of older, and less fuel-efficient, aircraft types in the interim. During a briefing that followed a presidential meeting on the state of the ...

  • S7 Airlines 737 title-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    AerCap could list first-quarter impairment against leased fleet in Russia


    Leasing giant AerCap is expecting to recognise an impairment on aircraft leased to Russian airlines which the company has been unable to retrieve. It says this impairment could be made as early as the first quarter of this year, but it stresses that it has “not determined the amount”. While ...

  • P4 Aruba registry-c-The Registry of Aruba

    Aruban registry implements varied restrictions on Russian fleet


    Aruba’s civil aviation regulator has introduced sanctions relating to aircraft based in Russia or connected with Russian entities. The measures are being imposed over the conflict in Ukraine, and follows similar actions by other states of registry. Aruba is an autonomous Dutch state but legally bound to follow European Union ...

  • Destroyed Russian tank turret

    Why Putin’s Ukraine campaign has backfired


    When Moscow’s forces invaded neighbouring nation on 24 February, the Kremlin seriously underestimated the resolve of Kyiv’s smaller military – and the international community.

  • AirBridgeCargo-c-Vytautas Kielaitis_Shutterstock

    Volga-Dnepr suspends Atran and AirBridgeCargo operations as sanctions bite


    Volga-Dnepr Group (VDG) has temporarily suspended operations at its AirBridgeCargo and Atran Airlines subsidiaries.

  • Sheremetyevo-c-Sheremetyevo airport

    Sheremetyevo implements furloughs as air traffic activity levels sink


    Moscow Sheremetyevo airport’s operator has furloughed a significant proportion of its workforce, putting the figure at about 20%, following the reduction in activity driven by sanctions on the Russian air transport sector. Affected personnel have been put on a special programme since 16 March, under which they are paid two-thirds ...

  • A-Technics-c-A-Technics

    Rosaviatsia extends MRO approvals to Russian carriers to service foreign aircraft


    Russian leisure carrier Azur Air has been granted clearance to conduct maintenance across its fleet if the aircraft are on the domestic register. Azur Air says it has received approval for maintenance on Boeing 777s and 737s from the federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia. The company has technical facilities at ...

  • Finnair A350-c-Airbus

    Finnair revisits polar routes to maintain Asian destinations


    Finnair’s strategy for maintaining its Asian network includes resorting to polar routes to reach destinations previously accessible via Russian airspace. The carrier is operating over the North Pole to serve Tokyo Narita, with a route that skirts Russia’s eastern region by flying across the Bering Sea, just west of Alaska, ...

  • cockpit-c-EASA

    EASA advises operators to mitigate for satellite-based navigation interruptions


    European safety regulators are warning aircraft operators of increased likelihood of satellite-based navigation system interruption since the conflict in Ukraine began. Jamming or possible spoofing of navigation signals in certain areas – around the Black Sea, Kaliningrad and eastern Finland, the eastern Mediterranean, and northern Iraq – has intensified, says ...

  • Ural A320neo-c-Airbus

    Suspension of Bermuda bilateral invalidates Russian pilots’ licences on leased fleet


    Russian government suspension of the bilateral agreement with Bermuda’s civil aviation authority would render Russian pilot licences invalid on the hundreds of aircraft operated on the Bermuda registry, the regulator states.

  • Switchblade 600 c

    Washington to supply Ukraine with AeroVironment drones: report


    A new US government aid package to Ukraine may include AeroVironment Switchblade drones designed to take out light-armoured vehicles.

  • zhukovsky airport-c-ZIA

    Moscow airports take steps to cope with sanction pressure


    Moscow Zhukovsky airport’s operator, Ramport Aero, has named a new general director to oversee its crisis response, after the resignation of its previous chief. Evgeny Solodilin, a deputy director and head of the airport’s cargo service, will take up the post after Tomas Vaisvila chose to step down in early ...

  • S7 A321neo title-c-Aviation Capital Group

    Russia suspends Bermuda bilateral to aid re-registration of aircraft fleet


    Russian prime minister Mikhail Mishustin has suspended the bilateral agreement with Bermuda covering supervision of aircraft registered with the island territory, to enable transfer to the Russian register. Under the bilateral, which has been in place since 1999, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority has had responsibility for overseeing airworthiness of ...

  • Smartavia-c-Smartavia

    Russia’s Smartavia rejigs leadership to steer path through crisis


    Russian carrier Smartavia has rejigged its leadership team, re-appointing a former chief executive to head the airline. Smartavia says the decision to put Anatoly Semenyuk in charge – succeeding Sergei Savostin – is intended to “strengthen” the airline’s operating structure during the transport crisis. Savostin, one of the airline’s shareholders, ...

  • Utair 767-c-Utair

    Utair claims sufficient aircraft on Russian register to serve its network


    Russian carrier Utair insists it will be able to maintain services using domestically-registered aircraft, after restricting the operation of those on the Bermuda register. Bermuda’s civil aviation authority suspended airworthiness certification of the Russian fleet on its register from 13 March. Utair states that it has received a notification from ...