• What challenges are airlines facing through coronavirus grounding by region

  • Etihad and Emirates prepare ground for service return

  • How Covid-19 is changing aviation in Asia-Pacific

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Parked Lufthansa aircraft

European carriers face long haul through coronavirus crisis

If the relative financial success of the European airline industry had always seemed paradoxical given the glut of carrier failures over the past three winters, the coronavirus outbreak has to some extent been a leveller.

Delta A350

US carriers tap relief funding as crisis deepens

North American airline traffic is expected be down more than a third compared with the 2019 level, IATA’s projections for the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the sector show.

LATAM first A320neo and 4th A350

IATA appeals to Latin American governments for coordination

Airline industry association IATA is calling on Latin American governments to harmonise plans to eventually restart air service and reopen borders, saying an uncoordinated effort will hinder the sector’s recovery.

SAA A350

Coronavirus crisis threatens to push South African carriers over the edge

While the coronavirus pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact across African carriers, the timing of the crisis has been particularly calamitous for South Africa’s struggling airline sector.