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  • Faradair BEHA title-c-Faradair

    Faradair names former Boeing figure Tinseth to lead hybrid-aircraft advisory board


    UK electric aircraft start-up Faradair has recruited former Boeing commercial aircraft vice-president of marketing Randy Tinseth to head its advisory board. It has also signed up former EasyJet executive Tony Anderson to the panel. Faradair says it has made the appointments to “help steer the company through its ...

  • Leap-1B-c-Max Kingsley-Jones+FlightGlobal-web

    737 Max operators to check for transducer corrosion after storage


    Operators of Boeing 737 Max jets are being instructed to check a subcomponent of the engine control system for potential corrosion, which could result in reduced thrust control. The 737 Max family is exclusively powered by CFM International Leap-1B engines. As a result of the near two-year grounding ...

  • UA328-c-NTSB

    UK lifts ban on PW4000-powered 777s


    UK regulators have withdrawn an operating ban on Pratt Whitney PW4000-powered Boeing 777s, two months after it was imposed following the serious engine failure on a US aircraft. The operational restriction was introduced on 22 February. Two days earlier a United Airlines 777-200 suffered a fan-blade ...

  • PW1100G on A320neo.

    P&W keeps profitable in Q1, engine deliveries inch higher


    Engine maker Pratt & Whitney squeaked out a $20 million operating profit in the first quarter of 2021, a period during which its deliveries of large commercial aircraft engines bumped higher.

  • 22q0MUTY

    Magnix and Boom CEOs ask lawmakers to support electric aviation, sustainable fuel


    The chief executive of propulsion company Magnix has urged the US government to set ambitious electric-aircraft goals, while the head of Boom Supersonic has asked the government to throw weight behind sustainable fuel.

  • Leap1B-c-WirestockImages_Shutterstock

    GE Aviation lost 1,900 Leap orders in 12 months


    GE Aviation lost orders for about 1,900 Leap-1B turbofans in the last year, a period influenced both by the Boeing 737 Max grounding and the pandemic.

  • GE9X on GE 747 flying testbed

    GE Aviation turns $641m Q1 profit despite revenue hit


    GE Aviation remained in the black during the first quarter of 2021, earning a $641 million profit despite significant declines in revenue from engine services.

  • Geoff Hunt Pratt & Whitney

    Why industry needs global standards for sustainable fuel use


    The industry-wide use of sustainable aviation fuels will provide a vital environmental bridging measure until technology’s next propulsion shift, says Pratt & Whitney’s Geoff Hunt.

  • Boeing 747F UPS

    FAA proposal targets risk of GEnx ‘uncommanded’ thrust


    The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed that airlines take steps to address the risk that GE Aviation GEnx turbofans might experience uncommanded increase in thrust.

  • Tigerair Taiwan A320neo

    P&W sees gradual signs of Asia-Pacific recovery


    The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on Pratt & Whitney’s commercial engine business in the Asia-Pacific, and the company’s sales leader for the region says the outlook hinges on vaccines.

  • pd-8-c-uec

    Prototype sections for 'Russified' Superjet's PD-8 engine emerge


    Russia’s United Engine has completed manufacturing work on the primary components of a prototype Aviadvigatel PD-8 powerplant. The PD-8 is a lower-thrust variant of a family which centres on the PD-14 designed for the Irkut MC-21-310. It is intended for eventual use on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 as ...

  • Beluga SAF-c-Airbus

    Airbus extends sustainable-fuel Beluga operations to UK


    Airbus has extended the use of sustainably-fuelled A300-600ST Beluga outsize transports to its UK wing plant at Broughton. It has carried out an initial flight from the UK facility with aicraft F-GSTF – one of five -600STs in the airframer’s logistics fleet, fitted with General Electric CF6 engines – ...

  • Heart ES-19

    EASA draws up initial certification requirements for electric and hybrid engines


    European aviation safety regulators have drawn up an initial set of certification requirements for electric or hybrid propulsion systems for future aircraft types. The in-depth special condition has been shaped from an initial proposal in January last year, following extensive comments from multiple aerospace companies including Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, ...

  • DAX19_DA24

    Dante Aeronautical reveals timeline for electric aircraft development


    Spanish start-up Dante Aeronautical has outlined its plans for the development of electric-powered sub-regional aircraft which should culminate in a clean-sheet 19-seater by the end of the decade.

  • UEC pulse detonation engine-c-Rostec

    United Engine tests ‘spaceplane’ pulse-detonation demonstrator


    Russian powerplant specialist United Engine has carried out initial testing of a pulse-detonation rocket motor which has potential application to orbital spaceplanes or hypersonic aircraft. Pulse-detonation propulsion combusts fuel and oxidizer using detonation waves, with relatively few mechanical moving parts, offering a more efficient thermodynamic cycle than conventional gas ...

  • Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-200 2019

    FAA requires inspections of PW4000 low-pressure turbines


    The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring airlines to inspect and replace “air sealing ring” assemblies within Pratt & Whitney PW4000 low-pressure turbine [LPT] cases.

  • ASCEND powertrain title-c-Airbus

    Airbus explores cryogenic superconducting powertrain for electric thrust


    Airbus has embarked on a programme to build a powertrain demonstrator showing the potential of cryogenically-cooled superconducting materials to reduce weight and improve the efficiency of power conversion for electric propulsion. Electric propulsion prospects have focused on light and regional aircraft because the power demanded for larger, longer-range types ...

  • Fresson-c-CAeS

    Project Fresson changes track in shift to hydrogen fuel cells


    A UK initiative to develop a retrofitable green propulsion system for the Britten-Noman BN-2 Islander has dramatically switched course, abandoning a previous drive towards hybrid-electric power in favour of hydrogen fuel cells.

  • UltraFan-c-Rolls-Royce

    Ground-test UltraFan demonstrator to be ready by year-end


    Rolls-Royce has formally commenced construction of the UltraFan high-bypass engine, with the aim of producing a demonstrator by the end of this year. Work on the first module for the demonstrator, designated UF001, has started at the manufacturer’s facilities in Derby. Its first test run will be carried out ...

  • Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-100

    FAA to stop requiring repeated PW1500G compressor inspections


    Airlines may no longer need to repeatedly inspect low-pressure compressor (LPC) rotors in Pratt & Whitney PW1500G turbofans, which power Airbus A220s.