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  • Gripen E - Saab

    Swedish military welcomes proposed spending boost


    Sweden's defence committee has published its white paper on proposed spending and equipment priorities for the 2021-2025 period, as Stockholm looks to further strengthen its defensive capabilities.

  • Gripen C MS20 - Saab

    Sweden weighs extending Gripen C/D operations by a decade


    ​Sweden could be poised to approve an extension to operations with part of its Saab Gripen C/D fleet until beyond 2030, in a step that would bolster the size of its fighter inventory beyond the 60 E-model examples currently on order for its air force.

  • Gripen E 39-8 - Saab

    Saab ready to step up tempo of Gripen E testing


    Saab is to significantly raise the tempo of its flight-test programme for the Gripen E fighter this year, with the activity to be expanded from the current two aircraft to five.

  • Gripen C - Stefan Kalm/Saab

    Gripen E production tweak safeguards Swedish fighter fleet


    Sweden has dropped a plan to reuse some parts from its air force's in-service fleet of Saab Gripen C/Ds during production of new-generation Gripen Es, citing operational considerations.

  • News

    PARIS: Swedish new trainer programme moves forward


    The process to replace the Swedish air force’s ageing trainer fleet is likely to take a step forward this summer with the expected issue of a Request for Information for a replacement for the 50-year-old Sk.60 (Saab 105). In the interim, the service is implementing a life extension programme ...

  • KC-390 - Brazilian air force

    KC-390 tour kicks off with Swedish evaluation


    Embraer has embarked on a 40-day international sales tour with its KC-390 tanker/transport, which will bring the twinjet to Sweden before making a debut Paris air show appearance next week.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Swedish air force returns to Cold War footing


    Sweden is changing. After a lengthy period of shrinking investment in its armed forces and a tactical shift from national defence to developing expeditionary capabilities, Stockholm's focus has reverted to protecting its population against invasion.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: How 'Skibox' unit defends Swedish skies


    ​More than 30 years ago, the Swedish military determined a need to maintain long-range surveillance coverage if part of its ground-based air defence radar network was out of action. From a description seeking "a radar on a tall mast", its airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system was born.

  • Armed Saab 105 - Saab

    OPINION: Why Stockholm must dig deep for defence


    It is astonishing to think that at the height of the Cold War, the world’s fifth-largest air force belonged to non-aligned Sweden.

  • News

    Sweden extends jet trainer use to consider T-X outcome


    Sweden is to further extend the operational use of its Saab 105 (SK60) jet trainers until the middle of the next decade, to enable it to consider the Boeing/Saab T-X platform as a potential replacement.

  • Gripen RBS15s - Saab

    Gripen E to gain enhanced anti-ship missile


    Sweden will equip its future fleet of Gripen E fighters with an extended-range version of the Saab/Diehl Defence-produced RBS15 anti-ship missile, under a project worth SKr3.2 billion ($358 million).

  • Gripen E - Saab

    Gripen E flight slips into 2017 as Saab puts software first


    Saab has opted to delay the first flight schedule for its Gripen E by up to six months to meet self-imposed software qualification requirements, but says the fighter remains on schedule for delivery to the Swedish and Brazilian air forces from 2019.

  • News

    FARNBOROUGH: Swedish air force hails Meteor missile introduction


    MBDA's Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile has achieved operational status, with the Swedish air force's MS20 software-standard Saab Gripen the first to field the European weapon.

  • Saab 105 - Saab

    Swedish air force considers trainer options


    ​Sweden’s air force commander hopes to advance a competition to replace the service’s Saab 105 (Sk 60) jet trainers from late this decade, while it also works to extend the life of its veteran air transport fleet.

  • Gripen C MS20 - Saab

    Meteor introduction transforms Swedish air defence


    Sweden’s air force has begun fielding the new MS20-standard software for its Saab Gripen C/D fleet, representing a significant increase in operational capability.

  • Gripen E teaser - Saab

    Saab ready to reveal first Gripen E


    ​Saab is on course to conduct the first flight of its lead Gripen E test aircraft before year-end, with the jet to be revealed at its Linköping site in Sweden on 18 May.

  • News

    SINGAPORE: New IFF system ordered for Gripen NG


    Saab Gripen NGs destined for Sweden and Brazil will benefit from a new Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system developed for integration on the fighter.

  • Gripen NG mock-up - Brazilian air force

    Finmeccanica and Saab team for Gripen EW support


    Finmeccanica and Saab have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide electronic warfare systems support, which is initially being targeted at customers of the latter’s Gripen fighter.

  • Gripen 39-8 - Saab

    DUBAI: New-generation Gripen enters final assembly


    ​Saab has lifted the joined fuselage section for its first Gripen NG prototype into final assembly, and says its programme is on track to deliver advanced capability to Sweden and export customer Brazil.

  • Gripen Cs - Craig Hoyle

    PARIS: Swedish air force chief holds firm on fleet size


    ​With quick reaction alert sorties now occurring on a daily basis and the government in Stockholm demanding increased operational readiness, the Swedish air force is no longer feeling generous about sparing some of its Saab Gripens to support export customers.