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  • Chinook

    New US army chief embraces predecessor’s aviation upgrade plan


    ​The US Army’s new top general isn’t planning any major shakeup of the ground force’s aviation modernisation plan, but there may be opportunities to move faster on Future Vertical Lift.

  • SB1Defiant

    Pace of ambitious Army Future Vertical Lift project set by budget


    The dawn of a new generation of military rotorcraft might seem close at hand with the US Army’s SB1 Defiant and V-280 Valor technology demonstrators taking form, but the Pentagon is not hurrying to replace trusted airframes like the Sikorsky H-60 Black Hawk or Boeing H-47 Chinook.

  • News

    US Army watches demonstration of Hero 30 loitering weapon


    UVison conducted a recent demonstration of its Hero 30 expendable unmanned air system in southern Israel for the US Army, and primarily the service's special operations command.

  • Lockheed Terminator - James Drew Flightglobal

    Lockheed displays new-look Terminator UAV


    ​Lockheed Martin has displayed an evolved version of its 'Terminator' loitering unmanned air vehicle, which it is offering for the US Army's long-running terminator Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System programme.

  • MQ-1C

    US Army wants more Gray Eagle weapon options


    The US Army is interested in new weapons options besides the Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire missile for its General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-1C, and the service has asked industry to offer smaller, cheaper and more specialised alternatives as it considers a future requirement.

  • UK Apache AH-64D

    USA approves potential $3 billion Apache upgrade for UK


    ​The US State Department has authorised the remanufacture of 50 British Army AgustaWestland/Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters to an “E” model standard, a deal for which would be worth $3 billion.

  • Lockheed

    Raytheon sticking by tri-mode missile despite Lockheed JAGM win


    Lockheed Martin might have won the battle for the US Army’s lucrative Joint Air-to-Ground Missile programme, but Raytheon says it would still offer its tri-mode seeker alternative it developed for the Small Diameter Bomb II if another opportunity were to emerge.

  • MQ-5B Hunter - last Huachuca flight - US Army

    PICTURES: US Army Hunter UAV retires from 20-year home


    The US Army’s Northrop Grumman MQ-5B Hunter unmanned air vehicle has flown its last flight from its home at Ft Huachuca in Arizona, where it has been stationed for 20 years.

  • OH-58D Kiowas

    Downsized US Army to pass on 533 shunned OH-58, TH-67 helicopters


    The US Army has already found a home for 119 of the 652 Bell OH-58 Kiowa and TH-67 Creek helicopters that have been displaced under the service’s aviation restructure initiative, according to a recent report provided to Congress.

  • V-280

    Bell sees V-280 Valor as common attack-utility platform


    Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martin’s third-generator tiltrotor aircraft demonstrator, the V-280 Valor, might still be under construction for the US Army, but already the future vertical lift contestant is morphing into a mid-weight, utility-attack platform.

  • Black Hawk - US Army

    US Army CIRCM downselection expected in July


    Downselection from the US Army for the engineering, manufacture and design phase of its future Common Infrared Countermeasure (CIRCM) programme is expected to be made in July, and could include low rate initial production (LRIP) of the aircraft protection system.

  • Opinion

    OPINION: Why US Army aviation plans are in a spin


    ​Helicopter manufacturers, here is your challenge: build a machine that can pick up a critically wounded soldier at the top of a 6,000ft mountain on a hot day in July, dash at 220kt (407km/h) or faster to a medical ­facility hundreds of kilometres away, then land the vehicle easily in ...

  • Black Hawks - US Army

    In a spin: the US Army's Top 10 helicopter types


    ​In the week that a senior US Army aviation official conceded that the branch’s planned modernisation and Future Vertical Lift projects cannot both be funded in the face of potential further sequestration cuts, our Top 10 looks at the scale of service’s current inventory.

  • Apache Shadow - US Army

    US Army establishes first manned-unmanned unit


    ​The US Army has established its first manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) squadron, combining the Boeing AH-64D/E Apache helicopters with the Textron Systems RQ-7B Shadow unmanned air vehicles into one heavy attack reconnaissance unit.

  • Gray Eagle NERO FS US Army

    US Army orders more Gray Eagle UAVs


    ​The US Army has made a $133 million modification to a contract for its General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned air vehicles to add 19 aircraft to the order.

  • Exelis CorvusEye 1500 mosaic imagery

    Exelis expands market for new wide-area airborne sensor


    Exelis is preparing to transfer testing of its new infrared-capable airborne wide area surveillance sensor to Europe in an effort to promote the capability of the wide-range camera to potential new markets.

  • Airlander 10 - HAV - FS

    HAV receives UK funding to bring airship back to flight


    ​Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) has received additional funding from the UK government to further develop its Airlander hybrid airship, as it move towards an anticipated return to flight.

  • MQ-9 Reaper - USAF

    Export restrictions limit Predator potential


    Following requested purchases of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Predator/Reaper-series unmanned air vehicles by France and the Netherlands in recent weeks, the USA’s backing of an export licence for India but a rejection for Jordan have raised questions over how much potential the UAVs really have outside of NATO.

  • USAF F-35A - US Air Force

    Aviation gains in US military's new budget proposal


    Aviation programmes received a significant boost in funding in the Obama administration's fiscal year 2016 budget submission, which is up 6.7% on the enacted total for FY2015.

  • OH-58 Kiowa - US Army

    US Army continues to face financial challenge of rotary fleet maintenance


    The US Army has warned that its rotary fleet will continue to be streamlined as US budget sequestration increases pressure to reduce costs.