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  • Isaikin-c-Volga-Dnepr Group

    Russian cargo veteran Isaikin withdraws from outsize specialist Volga-Dnepr


    Russian outsize freight carrier Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ veteran founder, Alexei Isaikin, has withdrawn from the company’s shareholders. The carrier states that Isaikin, who has worked in the aviation sector for 45 years, is transferring control to the company’s management. Volga-Dnepr Airlines was founded in 1990 and carries out charter air cargo ...

  • CLA-c-AirTeamImagesjpg

    Volga-Dnepr founder quit post at CargoLogicAir ahead of UK sanctions


    Alexey Isaykin, the founder and president of Russian cargo specialist Volga-Dnepr Group, has resigned as a director of UK-based freighter operator CargoLogicAir (CLA).

  • AirBridgeCargo-c-Vytautas Kielaitis_Shutterstock

    Volga-Dnepr suspends Atran and AirBridgeCargo operations as sanctions bite


    Volga-Dnepr Group (VDG) has temporarily suspended operations at its AirBridgeCargo and Atran Airlines subsidiaries.

  • CLA 747 again-c-CargoLogicAir

    CargoLogicAir unaffected by UK’s Russian airline ban


    London-based freighter specialist CargoLogicAir is unaffected by the UK government’s decision to prohibit Russian carriers from its airspace.

  • Aeroflot A350

    Russian airlines and Airbus establish sustainable fuel alliance


    Russian carriers including Aeroflot, S7 Group and Volga-Dnepr Airlines are to co-operate with Airbus and energy firm Gazprom to create an alliance to support development of sustainable aviation fuels. The Eurasian SAF Alliance aims to carry out the first biofuel-powered flight no later than 2024. Fuel specialist Gazprom Neft says ...

  • MC-21

    Volga-Dnepr expresses interest in freighter version of MC-21


    Russian logistics specialist Volga-Dnepr Group has expressed interest in the potential for a freighter version of the Irkut MC-21. Representatives of the cargo firm toured the MC-21 during the MAKS 2021 Moscow air show. The MC-21 family is designed for passenger layouts of 150-211 seats. But Volga-Dnepr notes the “wide ...

  • Atran 737-800BCF title-c-GECAS

    Volga-Dnepr’s Atran leases another pair of 737-800 freighters


    Russian freight specialist Volga-Dnepr Group’s Atran Airlines division is leasing another pair of converted Boeing 737-800 freighters from GECAS. The express cargo operator has received one 737-800BCF – an ex-Ryanair aircraft, registered VQ-BFR – from the lessor and is taking a second later in May. They will build on the ...

  • CLA 747-c-CargoLogicAir

    Pandemic freight demand assists pared-back CargoLogicAir


    Freight activity catalysed by the pandemic helped UK-based CargoLogicAir last year to improve on a weak performance in 2019, the company has disclosed. The carrier – linked to Russia’s Volga-Dnepr Group – ran into problems in 2020 and sought a temporary suspension of its operating licence, which was subsequently restored ...

  • An-124-c-Volga-Dnepr

    Volga-Dnepr starts restoring An-124 fleet to operation


    Russian outsize freight specialist Volga-Dnepr is resuming commercial operations with its Antonov An-124 fleet, a month after suspending use of the type. The operator temporarily withdrew the cargo transporter from service after the 13 November accident at Novosibirsk in which one of its An-124-100s suffered an uncontained engine failure and, ...

  • VD An-124-c-Volga-Dnepr

    Volga-Dnepr temporarily withdraws An-124 fleet after Novosibirsk accident


    Russian outsize freight carrier Volga-Dnepr Airlines has temporarily withdrawn its Antonov An-124 freighter fleet from service, pending clarification of the circumstances of an accident in Novosibirsk. The operator has about a dozen of the type, including the modernised An-124-100M-150 variant. Volga-Dnepr says it is “doing everything possible” to meet contractual ...

  • An-124 engine

    Engine-damaged An-124 lost multiple systems including brakes and thrust control


    Russian authorities have disclosed that the Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 which made an emergency landing at Novosibirsk had experienced braking failure, loss of electrical power, and loss of radio communications. The aircraft’s inboard left-hand Progress D-18T engine sustained “complete destruction” as it departed Novosibirsk on 13 November, states the federal air ...

  • Volga-Dnepr Il-76

    Volga-Dnepr Group overhaul to bring three freight airlines together


    Russian outsize freight specialist Volga-Dnepr Group is preparing to undergo a restructuring to improve management efficiency across its business divisions. Volga-Dnepr has revamped its board of directors and discussed a new strategy to transform the business into a “monocompany”, it states. This would “optimise” the group’s operating divisions, it adds. ...

  • CargoLogicAir - 747-8F

    Judge favours Boeing in court tussle with Volga-Dnepr


    A US federal judge has sided with Boeing in a dispute with the UK division of cargo airline Volga-Dnepr, striking down the airline’s request that Boeing be barred from selling four cargo jets to other customers.

  • News

    FARNBOROUGH: Volga-Dnepr orders five 747-8Fs


    Russian cargo carrier Volga-Dnepr has placed a firm order for five Boeing 747-8 Freighters and committed to the purchase of 29 777Fs, the companies have jointly announced at the Farnborough air show.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Cargo operators foresee e-commerce uplift


    This year's Farnborough air show dawns on an air freight sector suffering a bit of a hangover following a banner year in 2017.

  • News

    PICTURE: Institute shows off concept for An-124 successor


    Russian aerodynamics researchers have unveiled a concept for a new heavy transport aircraft to succeed the Antonov An-124.

  • Il-76

    Long landing in tailwind caused Il-76 overrun


    ​Late reduction of thrust and an out-of-limits tailwind caused a Volga-Dnepr Ilyushin Il-76 to overrun as it touched down long at St John’s in Canada.

  • An-124 - Rex Features

    An-124 nears production revival


    Ukraine and Russia plan to restart production of the Antonov An-124 heavy transport, with expected sales of 80 aircraft.