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  • H175-c-AirbusHelicopters

    Slow-selling super-medium-class helicopters make modest headway


    A few years ago there were many forecasts that the new super-medium-class helicopters would sell by the bucket-load. This has not quite come to pass, although those operating the rotorcraft in this weight class have used their performance benefits to push into new markets.

  • Cargo on an A330 C Lufthansa Cargo

    How cargo revenue has offered a lifeline to carriers


    The shortage of air freight capacity amid the coronavirus pandemic has offered opportunity for airlines, lessors, and cargo carriers to eke out some precious revenue. Half of global air freight in 2019 was carried in the bellies of passenger aircraft, so the grounding of thousands of aircraft this year ...

  • United LAS-DEN coronavirus 042420

    ​How the pandemic has reshaped the leasing business


    During those buoyant years before Covid-19, executives from aircraft leasing companies would gather at industry conferences around Asia-Pacific and marvel at the unstoppable growth trajectory of aircraft deliveries in the region. Demand for aircraft seemed insatiable, based on OEM forecasts. Airlines’ appetite was plain to see, with ambitious budget ...

  • Lufthansa

    Bailouts renew states’ influence on European airlines


    Decades after airlines started moving out of government control and competing in a deregulated market, the issue of state intervention has been brought sharply back into focus by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Singapore Changi Terminal 1 Coronavirus

    Paradox of the Asia-Pacific airline market recovery


    When trying to gauge the prospects for a recovery in air travel, the Asia-Pacific market paradoxically offers both reasons for some of the brightest optimism and greatest concern for airlines. On the one hand Asia-Pacific carriers seem well placed in the mid-term to benefit from continued strength in the ...

  • GOL-Boeing -737-Max-c-Alexandro-Dias_Creative-Commons

    What challenges do airlines face as they reintroduce Boeing 737 Max jets?


    With the US Federal Aviation Administration’s long-awaited recertification of the Boeing 737 Max being swiftly followed by the same from Brazil’s ANAC, carriers in the Americas are preparing to reintroduce the narrowbody type to paying passengers.

  • Frankfurt airport

    Why hubs could be back in fashion in post-crisis network recovery


    While low-cost carriers are likely to be among the early beneficiaries of demand for price-sensitive leisure travel in the early stages of a post-pandemic recovery, the lower levels of overall traffic could also see mean renewed focus on hub operations.

  • Grazia Vittadini and Paul Stein

    Manufacturers see no single ‘silver bullet’ to reach aviation’s CO2 reduction target


    Airbus chief technology officer Grazia Vittadini has said that the aviation industry’s stated aim of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 had been a “pretty good problem to have” before the air transport sector and most other areas of public life were thrown into disarray by the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Walsh-Max-c-BillyPix

    Walsh set to meet IATA challenge head on


    When Willie Walsh retired from his role at the helm of European airline group IAG in September, it seemed unlikely he would leave the airline industry altogether given the impact he has had on it during his career.

  • China Eastern generic

    Asian and North American airlines to lead recovery but all regions loss-making in 2021


    IATA expects airlines in Asia-Pacific and North America to lead the recovery in 2021 aided by strong domestic markets, though it still sees all regions loss-making as international passenger markets struggle to recover from the pandemic.

  • Emirates Airbus A380 at Munich airport

    Middle Eastern carriers face long recovery from crisis


    Having built their networks around the transfer of long-haul passenger through their hubs, with limited short-haul networks to fall back upon, the Middle East’s largest carriers are perhaps uniquely vulnerable to the coronavirus crisis.

  • HMS Sultan - Crown Copyright

    Is personal jet pack set for thrust into mass market?


    They have long been the stuff of sci-fi, but, after the collapse of the most prominent manufacturer of a personal propulsion device, other developers are confident of a breakthrough.

  • Boeing 737 Max test flight

    Questions persist after 737 Max recertification


    The grounding of Boeing 737 Max aircraft highlighted doubts about the effectiveness of US Federal Aviation Administration oversight. The FAA’s end of the Max flight ban on 18 November leaves families of Max crash victims unsatisfied and Congress trying to pass aircraft certification reform.

  • Korean_Air_and_Asiana_Airlines_Airbus_A380_at_Incheon_Airport

    Is Korean acquisition of Asiana bellwether for wider consolidation in Asia?


    As the dust settles on the proposed Korean Air acquisition of its embattled rival Asiana Airlines, questions begin to emerge about what the future merged carrier will look like and whether this is the start of many other pandemic-driven mergers and acquisitions to come? 

  • SIA A380

    Costly refits further dim A380’s appeal for Asia-Pacific operators


    The small number of Airbus A380s in the Asia-Pacific that have undergone cabin upgrades is a challenge for the type’s post-pandemic future in the region.

  • Comac C919 during its first flight in 2017 c Creative Commons

    How practical is a Chinese and US aerospace breakup over Taiwan?


    Despite opposition from the Chinese Communist Party, in the past year and a half the Trump administration has approved billions of dollars in potential arms sales to Taiwan. China, which claims the island democracy as its own, has vowed to retaliate.

  • Cathay Pacific aircraft parked at Hong Kong airport June 2019

    Hong Kong’s cautious approach to travel bubbles


    Hong Kong’s government will take a safety-first approach when its travel bubble with Singapore launches on 22 November, and the launching of further bubbles with other countries or regions will come with strict anti-Covid-19 preconditions. “It takes two to tango,” the city’s secretary for commerce and economic development Edward ...

  • United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER 2019

    United Airlines returns to New York’s JFK airport


    United Airlines will return to New York’s John F Kennedy International airport in early 2021 with flights to the US West Coast, aiming to benefit from new trends in travel following the coronavirus crisis.

  • Tigerair Australia

    Calm before the storm for airline failures


    The relatively small number of airline failures so far is not indicative of the health of the sector.

  • ANA 777

    Once prolific operators, Japanese majors bid sayonara to venerable 777 ‘Classics’


    Once profilic operators of the Boeing 777, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have recently announced that they will cut their 777 fleets by significant numbers. While not entirely a surprise given the state of the aviation industry, this marks the passing of an era for Japanese carriers, which have been intimately entwined with programme from its infancy decades ago.