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  • F-35B short take off ground test - Lockheed Martin

    F-35B demonstrates short take-off capability


    ​The UK and USA have carried out the first short take-off test of the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II during a ground-based test at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland, USA on 19 June.

  • Merlin Thales AEW - Thales

    Thales bags selection for RN Crowsnest system


    ​Thales is to supply an improved version of its Searchwater radar and Cerberus mission system to deliver the UK Royal Navy’s Crowsnest airborne early warning (AEW) capability, following a selection announcement made on 22 May.

  • Merlins for Royal Navy - Crown Copyright

    Commando Merlins make move to Yeovilton


    ​The Royal Navy’s amphibious support helicopter transition from the Westland Sea King HC4 to the AgustaWestland Merlin HC4/4A has made a significant advance, with its 846 Naval Air Squadron having returned to RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset.

  • F-35A - Edwards AFB 17 Sq T&E est - Crown Copyrigh

    RAF's 17 Sqn assumes control of F-35 test and evaluation


    The Royal Air Force’s 17 Squadron has assumed control of the test and evaluation of its first Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II, marking the start of independent operational testing by the UK of its future Joint Strike Fighter.

  • F-35B UK - Crown Copyright

    UK details operational conversion unit plan for F-35


    ​The UK’s future operational conversion unit for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is expected to begin providing training using five of the stealthy aircraft, the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

  • Tanan II - Airbus Defence & Space

    Airbus touts Tanan UAV's UK potential


    ​Airbus Defence & Space is working towards the certification of its Tanan rotary unmanned air vehicle demonstrator, which could be a consideration for the Royal Navy as the force assesses it maritime surveillance options.

  • ScanEagle launch - Crown Copyright

    RN establishes UAV squadron


    The Royal Navy has established its first unmanned air vehicle squadron to oversee the deployment of the Insitu ScanEagle that has been in operation for some 12 months.

  • F-35B UK - Crown Copyright

    F-35B makes first flight with UK weapons


    ​A UK test team has completed an initial series of handling flights of a Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II carrying trial rounds of the Raytheon Systems Paveway IV precision-guided bomb and MBDA ASRAAM air-to-air missile.

  • T-6C - Beechcraft

    T-6C to head UK military training renewal


    ​The UK Ministry of Defence is replace the bulk of its current fixed-wing training aircraft with three new types, following the selection of a Military Flying Training System (MFTS) programme bid by KBR/Elbit Systems joint venture Affinity.

  • Tornado Brimstone - MBDA

    UK to join air strike campaign in Iraq


    The UK Parliament has voted in favour of the Royal Air Force participating in the air strike campaign against Islamic State militants in Iraq.

  • X-47B Roosevelt for launch - US Navy

    Northrop Grumman sizes up UK UCAV requirements


    Northrop Grumman is pitching the unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) technology derived from its US Navy (USN)-sponsored X-47B demonstrator to the UK, to feed into its Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme.

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth

    UK's second aircraft carrier will enter service


    UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the Ministry of Defence will bring its second aircraft carrier – HMS Prince Wales – into service, in a reversal of a decision made in 2010.

  • News

    FARNBOROUGH: UK MoD signs for new helo-integrated missiles


    The UK Ministry of Defence has officially signed a £90 million ($154 million) deal with AgustaWestland to integrate two new missile types on the Royal Navy’s future Wildcat helicopters.

  • Merlin HM2

    FARNBOROUGH: Merlin HM2 enters service after 'Deep Blue' test


    ​One of the world’s most sophisticated maritime helicopters has entered service four months ahead of schedule, as the Royal Navy has expressed its delight with the type’s performance during a key exercise.

  • Scan Eagle Royal Navy FS

    FARNBOROUGH: Boeing eyes European unmanned potential


    ​A senior Boeing figure has said that the company is well positioned to penetrate the European unmanned market, following good experiences with other types of kit.

  • News

    RAeS backs UK aircraft carrier acquisition


    ​A timely report on the maritime air power capabilities of the UK has claimed that the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier – officially named on 4 July – is a wise acquisition based on the strategic advantage that the vessel will bring to the nation.

  • F-35B QE carrier - Aircraft Carrier Alliance

    F-35 grounding has no impact on UK purchase plan, says Hammond


    ​A current grounding of the entire Lockheed Martin F-35 fleet has no bearing on the UK’s plans to order the fifth-generation type, according to defence secretary Philip Hammond.

  • Wildcat LMM - Crown Copyright

    UK orders lightweight missiles for naval Wildcat


    ​The UK Royal Navy has awarded Thales a £48 million ($81 million) contract to develop a new light missile for its AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat attack helicopters.

  • F-35 Queen Elizabeth - Aircraft Carrier Alliance

    ANALYSIS: UK aircraft carrier nears programme milestone


    Two months from now, the UK Royal Navy’s largest ever warship will be named, before being floated out of its dry dock in Rosyth, Scotland, as the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

  • FASGW Wildcat - Crown Copyright

    UK, France to deliver new anti-ship missile


    ​MBDA has been awarded a demonstration and manufacturing contract worth more than £500 million ($831 million) to deliver a new helicopter-launched anti-ship missile for the French and UK navies.