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    ANALYSIS: Russian Helicopters looks for growth path around US sanctions


    The Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, located in southern Siberia, has over its 80 year history produced hundreds of aircraft, from Lavochkin fighters to early Kamov helicopters – as well as more mundane items such as spoons, caskets and washing machines.

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    Airlines body IATA seeks spares-market transparency


    IATA is in the process of preparing a web-based tool to help airlines and aftermarket players evaluate used spare parts in an effort to make pricing for such material more transparent.

  • HondaJet Red Bull

    ​ANALYSIS: How Honda’s aero-engine team aided Formula 1 success


    Honda’s achievements in Formula 1 motor-racing are legendary – and the company’s not been too shabby in the aerospace sector, either. Given that there are so many technical disciplines shared between the two, it should be no surprise that the company’s divisions have collaborated to drive themselves forwards.

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    Why Boeing faces 'worst crisis' in its history


    Boeing remains the world’s largest aerospace company by revenue, but its lead over number two Airbus shrank further on 23 October with a third quarter financial report riddled with challenges, among them tumbling revenue, the 737 Max crisis, 777X delays, a 787 production rate cut and unresolved KC-46A quality issues.

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    ANALYSIS: ATLAS Citation separates winglet from 'blinglet'


    In theory, the most efficient wing is infinitely long, which is obviously not possible. The practical application of this truism is that the higher a wing’s aspect ratio (span squared/area), the more efficient it is. One only need look at a sailplane’s long, narrow wings to see this in practice.

  • KAL-ASD commercial

    Can South Korea’s MRO sector grow again?


    South Korea is home to some of the world’s busiest routes and airports, as well as some of Asia’s major carriers.

  • ETPS H125 - Qinetiq

    ETPS hails performance of new H125s


    After more than 75 years of operating experience, the UK’s Qinetiq-run Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS) has recently undergone one of the biggest periods of transformation in its history, including the replacement of most of its rotorcraft fleet.

  • B777-300ER SF night c GECAS

    How 777-300ER SF creates secondary-market opportunity


    The launch by GECAS and Israel Aerospace Industries of a cargo conversion programme for the Boeing 777-300ER provides a potentially sizeable secondary market opportunity for the large fleet currently operating in the passenger sector.

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    Why Boeing hasn’t revealed its FARA design


    All competitors in the US Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) programme have unveiled renderings and details of their designs – except Boeing.

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    ANALYSIS: FAA panel urges sweeping aircraft certification updates


    A safety review panel established by the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a report detailing various alleged shortcomings with the design and certification of the 737 Max.

  • A350-900ULR SIA

    ANALYSIS: Singapore Airlines continues to dominate US flights


    Singapore Airlines (SIA) is the current title holder of the world’s longest flight – the 19h Singapore-Newark – which has helped it reach near-monopoly status on the Singapore-USA market.

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    ANALYSIS: AJW plans 'Amazon-ification' of its business


    Companies across the aerospace sector are developing digital capabilities in order to grow revenue by taking advantage of data analytics and the resultant customer insights.

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    How Boeing-Embraer merger will shake up regional sector


    In mid-September, Embraer hosted an event marking the first delivery of its E195-E2, the second variant of its three-member E2 family to be developed.

  • Bell 360 Invictus

    Bell reveals 360 Invictus proposal for US Army contest


    Facing competitors who are pushing the envelope in terms of complexity and novelty, Bell has revealed that it is taking a more conventional route to its proposal for the US Army’s Future Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) competition: a winged helicopter called the 360 Invictus.

  • Orion with Service Module c ESA D Ducros

    How Europe may join NASA's Moon effort


    The USA may be leading the charge, but when it comes to humankind’s return to the Moon, NASA is clear - this must be an international effort

  • virgin australia tails

    Qantas and Virgin Australia in Haneda dogfight


    The appeal of slots at Tokyo Haneda International airport shows no signs of abating, with Australian carriers now following their US counterparts in battling it out for the two daily slots that were recently awarded to the country.

  • Avio-Interiors---ADAGIO-seats-c-Avio-Interiors

    Avio Interiors set to make a return with Airbus


    There are more airliners than ever in the skies – but competition to supply their seating remains tough. Three big players – Collins Aerospace Systems, Safran, and Recaro – dominate the market, with a number of start-ups emerging in recent years to focus on niches such as premium or entry-level lines. Even Boeing has got in on the act, acquiring one seat manufacturer, Encore, and partnering with another, Adient, in a joint venture.

  • Vega launch c ESA/S Corvaja

    In space, it's best to eat a good meal as astronaut Luca Parmitano knows first hand


    Never let it be said that Italians do not know about food. But knowing a bit more is firmly on the agenda, too. For European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano, a highlight of his second stint on board the International Space Station is to run an experiment called NutrISS - Nutrition Monitoring for the International Space Station.

  • tempest-c-bae-systems

    Italian industry lends support to Tempest


    Italy’s intentions with regard to Europe’s future combat aircraft sector became clear in mid-September, when Rome and its defence industry champions joined formation with the UK on its Tempest programme.

  • Daxing-(c)-rexfeatures c

    In Beijing Daxing, China pins 'big prosperity' hope


    It is a vision in white: vast ceilings framed by stark black lines that blend seamlessly into the shiny tiled floor.