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    ANALYSIS: India's bid for the Moon – and beyond


    India's space agency is pressing ahead with bold plans to put a second rover on the Moon - and send three astronauts into space.

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    What the new Neil Armstrong film can teach us about history


    As detailed in a new documentary film, the life of Neil Armstrong chronicles a recent century which, today, feels dizzyingly long ago.

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    ANALYSIS: Back to the Moon – but why?


    US President Donald Trump's call on NASA to land American astronauts on the Moon by 2024 is the latest episode in a long-running saga.

  • virgin orbit drop test

    Virgin Orbit drop test is prelude to first spaceflight


    Virgin Orbit is but a step away from a live launch to orbit, having completed a successful drop-test from its 747-400 carrier vehicle.

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    PARIS: All the best images from the show


    All the best images from on the ground at the 2019 Paris air show.

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    ESA presses on with missions to Mars


    ​Is there life on Mars? Europe and Russia are scrambling to launch a mission determined to find out

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    How superior skills saved the day for E190 crew


    Apollo 8 astronaut and former Eastern Air Lines chief Frank Borman once defined a superior pilot as one who used their superior judgement to avoid situations that require the use of their superior skills.

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    ​All Nippon Airways brings Virgin Orbit to Asia


    The parent company of All Nippon Airways will partner with air launch company Virgin Orbit by granting it access to the fleets of Japan's largest airline to send small satellites into Earth orbit with its wing-carried LauncherOne rockets.

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    Stratolaunch hopes to avoid Spruce Goose's fate


    Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose – more formally known as the H-4 Hercules – was until 13 April this year the largest aircraft ever to have flown. Conceived as a WWII transatlantic troop carrier, the fighting had, mercifully, ended before the flying boat finally flew, for just a few seconds, in 1947. Retirement followed.

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    Stratolaunch makes first step to space


    A notable aviation record fell earlier this month, with the maiden flight of what is now the world’s largest aircraft – the Scaled Composites-built twin-fuselage Stratolaunch, whose 117m (385ft) wingspan outstrips even the 97.5m (321ft) of the Hughes H-4 Hercules flying boat, better known as the Spruce Goose. As a more useful comparison, Stratolaunch also outstrips the 80m wingspan of an Airbus A380.

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    Stratolaunch becomes world’s largest aircraft to fly


    The world’s largest aircraft, the Stratolaunch air-launcher vehicle built by Scaled Composites, has undertaken its first flight today from Mojave in California.

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    ​PICTURES: SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule completes ISS docking


    The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS) earlier today, achieving another key objective of the Demo-1 test flight.

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    ​PICTURES: SpaceX Crew Dragon heads to ISS


    The first commercially-built and operated US crew spacecraft design is due to dock with the International Space Station on 3 March, following its successful launch from the Nasa Kennedy Space Center earlier today.

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    INTERVIEW: Demonstrating the value of communication


    ​Adam Konowe is vice-president of client strategy for US advertising and commuications agency TMP Worldwide. Konowe also teaches communications at American University in Washington DC, which he says "keeps me on my toes".

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    PICTURES: Virgin Galactic VSS Unity reaches edge of space again


    ​Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo launched for the second time in ten weeks with three passengers on board, reaching the edge of space above Mojave, California.

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    ANALYSIS: Cosmic Girl ready for a new 747 era


    Boeing 747-400s may be in the twilight of their service lives, but one pristine example is being readied for what promises to be a distinguished second career. Seen here in late January at Long Beach airport, this ex-Virgin Atlantic example will soon be carrying LauncherOne rockets built just up the ...

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    ANALYSIS: Ten aerospace trends in the decade since Flight hit 100


    Starting with magnificently moustachioed aviation adventurers and ending with an industry that continues to shrink the planet, a lot happened in Flight International’s first 100 years. However, what have been the biggest developments since we celebrated our centenary in 2009? From the promise of electric propulsion to the rise of ...

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    PICTURES: The far side of the Moon and a new space race?


    For those who wonder at the cosmos, this has been a week for awe. NASA opened the year with a close fly-by of the most distant object yet visited by a spacecraft. China followed suit with an audacious, and successful, soft landing on the far side of the Moon.

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    THE YEAR AHEAD: 2019 aerospace outlook


    All we ever know for sure about the future is that it will look a lot like the past, only different – or maybe very different, depending on the timescale and interim events. That makes forecasting a black art best left to fortune tellers, charlatans and consultants. But in the ...

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    ​RETROSPECTIVE: 50 years since Apollo 8’s historic lunar mission


    Fifty years ago this month, a manned spacecraft blasted off on what Flight International called "the greatest technical experiment ever made – in terms of effort and money", when three US astronauts became the first human beings to slip the surly bonds of Earth.