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  • Harbin Y-12F-c-Harbin Aircraft

    Chinese Y-12F commuter turboprop secures European certification


    Chinese manufacturer Harbin Aircraft’s Y-12F commuter transport has secured European certification, seven years after obtaining US approval. The Y-12F is a 19-seat high-wing twin-turboprop, a development of the Y-12 which first flew over four decades ago – although the latest variant differs substantially from the original. It is powered by ...

  • United Airlines Boeing 767-400ER 2019

    United Airlines Boeing 767 loses evacuation slide prior to landing in Chicago


    A United Airlines flight arriving from Zurich apparently lost an inflatable emergency evacuation slide pack just before landing at Chicago’s O’Hare International airport.

  • Max Air 737-c-Sm105 Creative Commons

    Nigerian regulator urges tighter refuelling procedures after water-contamination incidents


    Nigerian regulators are urging tighter adherence to refuelling procedures, over concerns centred on water contamination incidents. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority states that it has been receiving mandatory occurrence reports from carriers relating to water being found in fuel tanks. These include a “recent” event in which a “significant amount” ...

  • Ryanair 737-800 EI-DLX incident-c-Alan Wilson Creative Commons

    Cleared-to-land Ryanair 737 crew warned tower about occupied Porto runway


    Portuguese investigators have disclosed that a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 crew on approach to Porto warned air traffic control that the runway was still occupied despite having received landing clearance. The incident on 26 June occurred after an Azores Airlines Airbus A321neo was authorised to line up, behind landing traffic on ...

  • Max Air 737-c-Nigeria CAA

    Nigeria’s Max Air forced to suspend 737 operations pending safety audit


    Nigerian authorities have suspended the Boeing 737 operations of Max Air over safety concerns with the carrier. The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority says the suspension takes “immediate effect”. Max Air’s fleet includes six 737s – a mix of -300s and -400s – alongside Boeing 747-400s and a 777-200, according to ...

  • Cockpit simulator-c-Jan Huber Unsplash

    EASA highlights importance of operator data to check crew response assumptions


    Europe’s safety regulator is stressing the need to strengthen operators’ systematic reporting to aircraft manufacturers, or other design approval holders, regarding occurrences involving human intervention. Airframers make assumptions about expected crew behaviour in order to demonstrate compliance with certification criteria, says the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. But in order ...

  • LATAM A321-c-Iyusi766 Creative Commons

    Thunderstorms and heavy rain present during LATAM A321 excursion in Brazil


    Brazilian investigators are probing a runway excursion involving a LATAM Airlines Airbus A321 during landing at Florianopolis on 12 July. The aircraft, operated by LATAM’s Brazilian division, had been conducting the LA3300 service from Sao Paulo but suffered a “lateral deviation” after landing on runway 32, according to the airline. ...

  • Delta 717 incident Charlotte

    NTSB traces Delta gear-up landing to fractured gear link


    A fractured landing gear component prevented the pilots of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 from lowering the nose gear during a flight on 28 June that ended with a gear-up landing.

  • F-HPGP-c-Valljet

    Unresolved Citation jet’s air-data fault preceded serious airprox with E170


    French investigators have revealed that a Cessna Citation 525 crew’s uncertainty over the jet’s altitude, owing to an air data problem, preceded a serious airprox incident involving a Hop Embraer 170 early last year. The inquiry found that a fault in the captain’s air-data system had occurred three times over ...

  • Halla EMB-120 accident-c-via Twitter

    Halla EMB-120 occupants survive landing accident at Mogadishu


    All the occupants of an Embraer EMB-120 turboprop have survived after the aircraft crashed during landing at Mogadishu. The Somali civil aviation authority states that the Halla Airlines aircraft “crash landed” on runway 05 at the capital’s Aden Adde international airport on 11 July. Video images circulating on social media, ...

  • 737_MAX_9-cover

    US NTSB investigating engine fire on United Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max


    A fuel leak may have been the cause of an engine fire that occurred on a United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft in Newark last week, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says in a preliminary report.

  • Lufthansa A320neo-c-Lufthansa

    Lufthansa plans early adoption of trajectory-based downlink on new A320neos


    Lufthansa Group is aiming to become an early adopter of trajectory-based information capability with the delivery of new Airbus A320neo-family aircraft from next year. The group is to receive more than 65 jets equipped with the ‘extended projected profile’ technology which is based on enhanced ADS-C surveillance transmissions between the ...

  • UIA 737 shootdown-c-LLBG Spotter Creative Commons

    Iran taken to United Nations court over Ukrainian 737 shootdown


    Four countries have collectively filed to initiate proceedings before the United Nations International Court of Justice over the destruction of a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 shot down over Tehran. Ukraine, Sweden, Canada and the UK have submitted a joint application against Iran alleging violation of obligations following the loss ...

  • PA-28 crash wreckage title-c-ATSB via Queensland Police Service

    Fatal Queensland mountain-crash PA-28 pilot was unlicensed trainee


    Australian investigators probing the fatal crash of a Piper PA-28 in mountainous terrain in Queensland have found the pilot did not hold any licence qualifying them to operate the aircraft. The pilot had undertaken training at a flying school and completed just over 30h of instruction – including 5h solo ...

  • Installation of a "5G" antenna

    US airlines predict minimal impact as 5G restrictions take effect on 1 July


    Even as US airlines work to recover from days of a disrupted operations, another risk looms on the horizon – that posed by new 5G-related aircraft-operating restrictions.

  • Aeroflot SSJ fire

    Aeroflot Superjet captain imprisoned over fatal Moscow landing accident


    Russian authorities have sentenced the captain of an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 to six years in an open penitentiary over the fatal landing accident at Moscow Sheremetyevo four years ago. The aircraft departed Moscow for Murmansk on 5 May 2019, and had just been cleared to climb to 11,000ft when ...

  • Delta 717 incident Charlotte

    Delta Boeing 717 lands in Charlotte with nose gear retracted


    A Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 came rest with its nose on the runway at Charlotte on 28 June after the pilots landed without the jet’s nose-gear deployed.

  • Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 4.07.16 PM

    Indonesia probes Garuda 737 hard landing in Jakarta


    Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee has opened investigations into a hard landing by a Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-800. 

  • 52411687883_f03800bce4_o

    FAA’s air traffic controller shortage poses safety risk: government report


    A report from US Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) finds that the Federal Aviation Administration’s air traffic controller shortage is a safety risk factor that must be addressed promptly.

  • Citation crash map title-c-NTSB

    Cockpit-recorder riddle emerges after fatal crash of unresponsive Citation


    US investigators have yet to locate a cockpit-voice recorder from the Cessna Citation V business jet which crashed in Virginia on 4 June after its pilot became unresponsive. The aircraft had not been fitted with a flight-data recorder, nor was it required to be. Maintenance inspection records, however, indicate the ...