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  • Tokyo Tower

    JAL in consortium to study drone deliveries in Tokyo


    Japan Airlines has joined a consortium of four other Japanese companies in a feasibility study on drone deliveries in Metropolitan Tokyo. The two-year project will see the group study the feasibility of drone deliveries in the medical, food, as well as security sectors. Source: Japan Airlines ...

  • Parrot Bebop 2 Power UAV c Parrot

    Pentagon approves five US drone makers ahead of likely ban on China’s DJI


    Ahead of a likely ban on the US federal government’s use of Chinese-made quadcopters, including the very popular DJI drones, the Department of Defense has approved the products of five US-based unmanned air vehicle makers for government use.

  • Octocopter flying near power lines

    US Army Research Lab develops power line detect-and-avoid sensor for UAVs


    Its sensor detects the electromagnetic field of a nearby power line and uses software to automatically direct the UAV to change its flightpath away from a collision. The technology is seen as useful for urban battlefields of the future and also is being licensed for commercial use.

  • Hawk30 rendering - HAPSMobile

    HAPSMobile to flight test high-altitude, pseudo satellite HAWK30 in New Mexico


    The flying-wing unmanned air vehicle is solar-powered and designed to stay aloft for six months.

  • HERMES 900 maritime SaR - with 4 life rafts

    Elbit adds life-saving capability to Hermes 900


    Israeli company says configuration gives UAV advantage over manned aircraft in long-distance maritime rescue scenarios

  • Quantix Recon c AeroVironment

    AeroVironment launches Quantix Recon, a military variant of its farm surveying drone


    AeroVironment has launched its Quantix Recon unmanned air vehicle (UAV), a military variant of its farm surveying drone, on the market.

  • NASA MQ-9B national air space expirement 6

    General Atomics demos MQ-9B UAV flying in national airspace for NASA


    The company says the UAV demonstration showed how on-board sensors could be used for “inspections of hundreds of miles of rail, power line, communication and canal infrastructure, agriculture monitoring and topological surveys, as well as wildfire and flood monitoring.”

  • Iris Automation flight testing in Kansas

    Canada approves first UAV beyond-visual-line-of-sight flight with only detect-and-avoid


    The regulatory agency granted the Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) Special Flight Operations Certificate to drone operator MVT Geo-solutions of Quebec, which offers aerial lidar, photogrammetry and thermography land mapping services.

  • JAL testflight

    JAL trials transporting fresh fish with UAVs


    Japan Airlines has conducted the first series of test flights using UAVs to transport freight, including one involving fresh fish from Nagasaki to a Tokyo restaurant. The flights, which spanned two days, were operated in cooperation with the Nagasaki Prefecture government. JAL adds that Yamaha Motor piloted the UAV ...

  • Volocopter-Dubai-trials-c-AP-Shutterstock_c

    Volocopter nets €87 million in Series C funding round


    German eVTOL maker says funding, expertise will support bid for commerical operations in two to four years 

  • ec8bd443e08915d8a28370f5cf3c937a240bd28c

    JAL and Bell explore urban air mobility in Asia


    Japan Airlines and Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo Corporation have signed a cooperation agreement with Bell to study business opportunities for urban air mobility in Japan and around Asia. The agreement will encompass market research for mobility services that eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) technology, as well as examining the ...

  • PHASA-35 maiden flight

    BAE joins high-altitude race with maiden PHASA-35 flight


    BAE Systems has performed a maiden sortie of its solar-powered PHASA-35 high-altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS) from the Woomera Test Range in South Australia. Further flights will follow this year, says BAE.

  • (L-R) Jean-Brice Dumont, Executive Vice-President, Engineering, Airbus with Kevin Shum, Director-General of CAAS

    Airbus and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore explore urban air mobility solutions


    Airbus and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore urban air mobility solutions in Singapore. As part of the agreement, Airbus and CAAS will work together on developing urban air mobility services using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Source: ...

  • Pic option

    ST Engineering to test unmanned shore-to-ship parcel deliveries


    ST Engineering and maritime logistics provider Wilhelmsen Ships Service are teaming up to develop and trial shore-to-ship parcel deliveries in Singapore, using unmanned air vehicles on beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) misisons.

  • WP_hermes_900_maritime-c-Elbit Systems

    Elbit to fly Hermes 900 for UK search and rescue trials


    Elbit Systems will this year carry out a series of tests in the UK to assess the feasibility of using unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) to support search and rescue operations.

  • Volocopter_Singapore_main
    In depth

    Singapore’s urban air mobility dreams take off


    Against the backdrop of the iconic Marina Bay Sands in downtown Singapore, the aircraft took off, circling the Marina Bay area for two minutes, before landing. That marked the first-ever manned flight in an Asian city for urban air mobility company Volocopter, which used its 2X prototype for the test ...

  • JAL_drone

    JAL to test drone flights for medical supply delivery


    Japan Airlines has signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese city of Yabu to launch unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) test flights to transport medical supplies. JAL is hoping to conduct the maiden sortie this spring. The expected route will span about 25km, from a hospital to a clinic and ...

  • DJI drone - DroneBase

    India implements compulsory drone registration


    Drone owners and operators in India will need to register with the authorities by the end of January. The country’s Ministry of Civil Aviation says the registration is a “one-time opportunity for voluntary disclosure”, which will help the authorities in identification of civil drones and their operators. As ...

  • EHang test

    EHang conducts first US autonomous trial flight


    Chinese autonomous unmanned air vehicle (UAV) giant EHang conducted its first trial flight in the United States, as it works towards getting certification for passenger flights in the country. EHang’s two-seater passenger-grade aircraft, the EHang 216, took to the skies for the flight during the North Carolina Transportation Summit. ...

  • UAV Turbines Monarch Hybrid Range Extender

    UAV Turbines unveils hybrid-electric ‘microturbine’ for drones


    UAV Turbines unveiled to the market on 10 December a demonstrator hybrid-electric “microturbine” for small unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) that it says allows drones to harness the efficiency of a turbine, but also the instant power of an electric motor.