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  • A220-c-Airbus

    Automated A220 thrust-exceedance check aids engine shutdown probe


    Airbus and Pratt Whitney have developed an update to A220 health-management units to detect whether thrust thresholds on the type are being exceeded and, if so, automatically transmit a report. The intention is to improve the reliability of detecting exceedance of N1 engine power limits as part ...

  • GE Aviation T901 mockup - used for fit check in AH-64

    US Army’s Future Affordable Turbine Engine effort to finish by end of 2020


    The US Army’s Future Affordable Turbine Engine (FATE) programme, an effort to come up with engine performance enhancing technologies, is nearing completion and should be wrapped up by the end of 2020.

  • PandWC

    Pratt & Whitney Canada cuts staff due to Covid downturn


    Pratt & Whitney Canada has implemented more layoffs in response to the troubled state of aerospace industry.

  • UltraFan-closeup-c-Rolls-Royce_smaller

    Rolls-Royce explores new approaches to UltraFan and spare-engine activity


    Rolls-Royce is looking into new partnership arrangements covering such matters as its UltraFan programme and its supply of spare engines, as part of the broader restructuring of its civil aerospace activities. The engine manufacturer acknowledges that development of its UltraFan will be affected by the air transport crisis, with ...

  • A350 XWB-c-Rolls-Royce

    Rolls-Royce to reinforce liquidity with £3bn rights and bond issue


    Rolls-Royce has unveiled a proposal for a £2 billion rights issue, as well as a £1 billion bond offering, to recapitalise the company and underpin its balance sheet. The 10-for-three rights issue will feature up to 6.4 billion new shares, at a discounted price. Rolls-Royce has also agreed ...

  • 777X test aircraft gets GE9X-1-640px

    ​FAA certificates 777X’s GE9X powerplants


    The Federal Aviation Administration has certificated GE Aviation’s 105,000lb-thrust (467kN) GE9X turbofan, a milestone coming as Boeing continues working toward achieving certification for its GE9X-powered 777-9.

  • A380 incident close-up-c-BEA

    A380 fan-hub disintegration traced to misunderstood ‘cold dwell’ fatigue


    French investigators have traced the serious engine failure involving an Air France Airbus A380 over Greenland to a phenomenon known as ‘cold dwell’ fatigue, which had caused a failure in a fan hub slot which houses the root of the fan blade. The analysis by investigation authority BEA closes ...

  • PW1100G 640px

    Ameco becomes China’s first PW1100G MRO shop


    Pratt Whitney has opened its first PW1100G geared turbofan MRO centre in China, by adding Beijing-based Ameco to its global network of MRO providers. Ameco will also be Asia’s fourth PW1100G MRO centre, after Eagle Services Asia in Singapore, as well as IHI and Mitsubishi Heavy ...

  • Airbus BWB

    Airbus turns to hydrogen as energy promise of batteries fades


    Airbus is backing away from battery power in favour of pursuing hydrogen as a primary propulsion source for future aircraft development, over concerns that battery technology will not advance quickly enough to adapt to large airliners. The airframer has unveiled three conceptual designs – two based on conventional turboprop ...

  • UltraFan-closeup-c-Rolls-Royce_smaller

    Rolls-Royce weighs funding options including £2.5bn equity issue


    Rolls-Royce is evaluating various options for raising additional funding, including equity of up to £2.5 billion. The engine manufacturer’s share price fell substantially during trading on 21 September as it disclosed the plan, dropping to lows not reached since 2003. “We continue to review all funding options to ...

  • Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
    In depth

    Why 1970 fundamentally redefined air transport


    However you look at it, 1970 was an epoch-making year for commercial aviation. The revolution in aircraft design heralded in that year would be the springboard for the airline industry to accelerate capacity growth in a way it could only dream about previously.

  • A350 and A400M

    Crisis forces Rolls-Royce to rethink ITP Aero retention


    Such has been the sweeping impact of the air transport crisis that Rolls-Royce is floating the divestment of its Spanish-based turbine business ITP Aero just three years after its acquisition – having previously insisted the business was not for sale. Rolls-Royce, which had long held 47% of ITP Aero, ...

  • Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 2016

    Rolls-Royce considers contingencies in case crisis deteriorates


    Rolls-Royce is drawing up contingency plans for a worst-case scenario which envisions a second wave of restrictions emerging from an upsurge in the pandemic, resulting in further travel limitations this year or early in 2021. It has outlined the impact of this “severe but plausible” scenario in its half-year ...

  • UltraFan-closeup-c-Rolls-Royce_smaller

    Rolls-Royce weighs ITP Aero disposal as civil aerospace activity buckles


    Rolls-Royce is weighing the disposal of its ITP Aero division as a halving of flying hours, depressed deliveries, and heavy exceptional charges sent its civil aerospace division into an underlying gross loss of more than £1.5 billion ($2 billion). It says it is reviewing its portfolio to identify assets ...

  • hypersonic transport c Reaction Engines

    Rolls-Royce deepens partnership with Reaction Engines on cooling technology


    A recent surge of interest in multi-Mach propulsion projects from Rolls-Royce is followed today by another technical partnership – which sees the aero-engine manufacturer deepen its partnership with Reaction Engines and its radical cooling technology.

  • Ural A321

    Ural A321 forced-landing probe awaits ornithological group findings


    Russian investigators probing the forced landing in a field of Ural Airlines Airbus A321 are awaiting the results of ornithological studies in order to complete a final analysis of the accident. The aircraft came down exactly one year ago, on 15 August 2019, shortly after take-off from Moscow Zhukovsky ...

  • ALECSys-c-Rolls-Royce

    Rolls-Royce begins second test effort on lean-burn combustor


    Rolls-Royce has begun a second phase of testing on a new low-emission combustion system that will eventually equip its next-generation UltraFan widebody engine.

  • Saab 340 ES-NSD

    Chafing protection mystery follows Saab 340 incident


    UK investigators have found that anti-chafing measures fitted to a Saab 340 failed to protect an engine condition control cable, leaving the crew unable to adjust its power during a climb out of Carlisle airport last year. The crew encountered difficulties with climb power as the aircraft reached 2,500ft, ...

  • 767 burned wing

    2016 engine failure prompts study of ‘high-energy’ engine parts, GE enhances inspections


    The US aerospace industry’s trade group has commenced a study into the durability of rotating turbofan components at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration. The study stems from the 2016 failure of a GE Aviation CF6 turbofan on an American Airlines Boeing 767. 

  • A350 XWB-c-Rolls-Royce

    A350-900 operators alerted to Trent XWB-84 blade cracking


    Rolls-Royce is attempting to reassure investors and operators of the Airbus A350 over the impact of the latest durability problem to hit its Trent widebody engine family.