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  • flyduabi 737 max title-c-flydubai

    Flydubai fixes date for 737 Max re-introduction


    Middle Eastern carrier Flydubai is intending to restart Boeing 737 Max flights on 8 April, following approval by United Arab Emirates regulators and updating of the fleet. Flydubai will operate the initial flight from Dubai to the Pakistani city of Sialkot, but the aircraft will subsequently be used for ...

  • Ryanair 737-8200-c-Boeing

    FAA certificates Boeing 737 Max 8-200 variant


    The Federal Aviation Administration has certificated the Boeing 737 Max 8-200 – a specially-configured high-density variant of the 737 Max 8 destined for low-cost carrier Ryanair.

  • Ethiopian Max-c-Boeing

    Ethiopian Max crash probe in final stages: investigators


    Ethiopia’s aircraft accident investigation bureau says its inquiry into the fatal Boeing 737 Max 8 crash near Addis Ababa is in its final stages. The accident involving Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 occurred two years ago, on 10 March 2019, five months after a similar loss in Indonesia – prompting ...

  • Southwest-737-Max-grounded_resize

    Southwest set to return Boeing 737 Max to its fleet


    Southwest Airlines, the world’s biggest operator of Boeing 737 aircraft, is set to return the 737 Max into its network and schedule, operating several revenue flights on the type for the first time in two years.

  • Smartwings Boeing 737 Max 8
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    Which airlines have returned the Boeing 737 Max to service?


    Two years since its grounding and nearly four months since the FAA cleared the type for a return to the skies, thirteen carriers are now flying the Boeing 737 Max on revenue services, including Alaska Airlines, which debuted operations with the type at the start of March.

  • TUI UK 737 Max-c-TUI
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    The Max crisis has already shifted how regulators certificate jets


    The Boeing 737 Max crisis has already upended some aspects of aircraft certification, with regulators more closely reviewing certification projects and shying away from rubber stamping decisions made by foreign counterparts.

  • Boeing Walsh Max
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    A timeline of how Boeing 737 Max went from grounding to service return


    A timeline of the twists and turns since the type’s grounding two year ago as Boeing, regulators and operators worked to return the Max to service

  • Boeing 737 Max 8 house colours 2
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    Why Boeing’s future still rests on the 737 Max’s recovery


    The Max holds outsize importance for Boeing, both financially and competitively. Which is precisely why the grounding left the US aerospace behemoth in such a competitive pickle, and why the type’s rebound is key to Boeing’s recovery, aerospace analysts say.

  • 737Max first flight c Boeing
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    How and why Boeing re-engined the 737 to create the Max


    Circumstances preceding Boeing’s 2011 launch of the 737 Max programme share similarities with the situation the company now finds itself in.

  • Oman Air's 1st 737 MAX. Boeing. Air Lease owned. Boeing
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    Max crisis and pandemic wipe nearly 1,250 737s from Boeing’s backlog since January 2020


    Since the start of 2020, cancellations and accounting adjustments pushed Boeing’s 737 Max backlog down by some 1,250 aircraft, erasing 28% of the 737 orders Boeing held in January 2020.

  • Boeing's Renton 737 production line
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    Why the Max grounding challenged principle of mutual recognition


    When the Boeing 737 Max was barred from the airspace of several countries by national authorities, a question arose as to whether this amounted to breaching a fundamental principle of ICAO – that of mutual recognition of airworthiness certification. National authorities have the right to act against aircraft on ...

  • Max grounded in Washington
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    Two years on: How the 737 Max grounding changed Boeing and the industry


    Two years since its global grounding, airlines are now steadily returning their Boeing 737 Max aircraft to commercial operations following the FAA’s regulatory green light late last year. But during a tumultuous period for the industry as a whole, the impact for the manufacturer, its customers and regulators has stretched far beyond simply returning the type to service.

  • Icelandair Boeing 737 Max

    Icelandair returns Boeing 737 Max to revenue service


    Following the lifting of the 737 Max’s grounding, Icelandair has resumed commercial flights using the Boeing narrowbody after a nearly two-year break.

  • Air China 737 Max title-c-Boeing

    China's CAAC yet to approve test flights for 737 Max return-to-service


    China’s civil aviation regulator is discussing with Boeing a restoration plan for 737 Max services, but is yet to be satisfied to the extent necessary to advance the type’s return to operation. The Civil Aviation Administration of China’s deputy director, Dong Zhiyi, disclosed the state of progress during a ...

  • 737 Max-c-Boeing

    Australia first in Asia-Pacific to lift 737 Max grounding


    Australia has become the first country in the Asia-Pacific to lift a ban on Boeing 737 Max flights to and from the country. 

  • Flydubai Boeing 737 Max

    Flydubai works on restoring Max flights after UAE approval


    Flydubai is to start the process of returning its Boeing 737 Max aircraft to service after the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) cleared the type for operations again.

  • icelandair

    Optimistic Icelandair sees spring return for 737 Max


    Icelandair Group is optimistic that it will be able to start ramping-up its network in the second quarter of this year, and intends to return its Boeing 737 Max fleet to service in spring. The company has six 737 Max jets which have been grounded for nearly two years. ...

  • Ryanair 737-8200 title-c-Boeing

    Ryanair summer fleet plans rest on 737-8200 certification


    Ryanair is hoping that, following restoration of the Boeing 737 Max in Europe, certification of the specific high-density 737-8200 variant will shortly follow, allowing it to build a fleet of the jets ahead of summer. The US FAA’s flight standardisation board conducted an analysis of changes introduced for the ...

  • TUI UK 737 Max-c-TUI

    UK regulator clears 737 Max for flight


    UK regulators have, as expected, approved the Boeing 737 Max for return to service, publishing a separate airworthiness directive to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. This separate publication follows the UK’s exit from EASA membership as it completed its withdrawal from the European Union on 1 January. ...

  • 737 max 10-c-Boeing

    Boeing 737-10 processes to undergo revision after EASA’s Max scrutiny


    One crucial consequence of the Boeing 737 Max scrutiny is that development and certification work for the 737-10 will differ substantially from that of the earlier Max variants. Extensive analysis by the US FAA and European Union Aviation Safety Agency following the Max grounding two years ago has led ...