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    Hawaiian Airlines’ frequent travellers can redeem miles for Covid test


    Hawaiian Airlines says that frequent fliers can redeem air miles to pay for a coronavirus test that would allow them to bypass the state’s 14-day mandatory quarantine.

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    Hawaiian posts $97m Q3 loss, details 787 delivery delays


    Hawaiian Airlines posted a $97 million loss in the third quarter, as the state’s coronavirus-driven quarantine requirements hampered air travel demand – and the airline’s recovery.

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    Hawaiian reinstates flights to Boston, New York


    Hawaiian Airlines will reinstate its flights to the northeast USA as the weather there turns cold and potential customers who have refrained from travelling due to the coronavirus may be thinking of a winter getaway.

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    Hawaii begins virus testing to boost air travel


    Hawaii starting on 15 October will allow travellers to submit negative coronavirus test results 72 hours in advance of their flights to bypass its ongoing quarantine for new arrivals to the islands, hoping to boost tourism after months of nearly non-existent air travel. Several carriers, including Honolulu-based Hawaiian Airlines ...

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    United’s recovery plan built around late 2021 arrival of vaccine


    United Airlines says it will have enough liquidity to not just survive the “difficult” 12-15 months ahead but to be the first among its network peers to return to positive cash flow when an effective Covid-19 vaccine becomes widely available.

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    Hawaiian Airlines suspends Ohana by Hawaiian service


    Hawaiian Airlines has said it will suspend its regional subsidiary Ohana by Hawaiian on 1 November as the carrier continues to experience economic hardship due to the coronavirus and resulting quarantine requirements.

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    Hawaiian resumes flights to US mainland and Japan


    Hawaiian Airlines is restarting service to 10 US mainland destinations and Tokyo following the state of Hawaii’s partial reopening.

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    Hawaiian delays Boeing 787 Dreamliner deliveries


    Hawaiian Airlines says it will be delaying deliveries of its long-awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliners as the carrier contends with a difficult business environment perpetrated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

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    Hawaiian Airlines frustrated by ongoing quarantine


    Hawaiian Airlines’ second quarter ended with a loss of $107 million after its home state’s strict travel restrictions prevented it from doing any meaningful business for much of the three months ending in June.

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    Hawaiian reinstates flights to mainland US


    Hawaiian Airlines will reinstate flights to the mainland USA in August, as the state of Hawaii begins to lift its draconian restrictions on movement within the islands as well as between the islands and the airline’s main destinations on the west coast of North America.

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    Hawaiian Airlines hopes for speedy end to quarantine


    Hawaiian Airlines chief executive Peter Ingram says the lifting of Hawaii’s blanket coronavirus quarantine order for all inbound travelers will be integral to returning to normalcy for the airline, and the state, for which tourism is an essential industry.

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    Grounded commercial aircraft around the world – in pictures


    Parked aircraft have become commonplace at airports in all regions as the coronavirus outbreak prompts border restrictions and plummeting demand for air travel

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    DOT issues final order denying antitrust immunity for Hawaiian-JAL joint venture


    The US Department of Transportation has issued a final order denying a request of antitrust immunity for Hawaiian Airlines’ proposed joint venture with Japan Airlines.

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    Hawaiian struggles with managing coronavirus crisis


    Hawaiian Airlines is struggling with a dramatic decline in business due to the global COVID-19 epidemic, as passengers cancel both international and, increasingly, domestic travel in an effort to protect themselves from becoming infected.

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    Hawaiian suspends flights to Tokyo Haneda


    After suspending its flights to South Korea in late February, Hawaiian Airlines now has halted flights from Hawaii to Tokyo’s Haneda International airport following declining demand for capacity to Asia amid the spiraling coronavirus scare.

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    Hawaiian Airlines suspends flights to South Korea


    Hawaiian Airlines says it is suspending flights to Seoul Incheon International airport in South Korea, becoming the second US carrier to stop flying to the country since the outbreak of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, several weeks ago.

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    Hawaiian full year income falls as competition increases


    Hawaiian Holdings, the parent company of Hawaiian Airlines, says net adjusted income for the full year 2019 fell 25% to $219 million compared to the same period a year ago as it faced stiff new competition on some of its stronger routes within the Hawaiian Islands, to the US mainland and to Japan.

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    Peter Ingram on leading Hawaiian Airlines amid fierce competition


    Two years into his role, Ingram is skilfully guiding the company through an evolution that would test any leader: answering the fierce competition from the US mainland, executing a major joint venture, overseeing a transformational infrastructure project and plotting the carrier’s next geographic and fleet expansion.

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    Chief executive Peter Ingram on leading Hawaiian Airlines


    Two years into his role, Ingram is skilfully guiding the company through an evolution that would test any leader: answering the fierce competition from the US mainland, executing a major joint venture, overseeing a transformational infrastructure project and plotting the carrier’s next geographic and fleet expansion.

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    Hawaiian-JAL JV expands scope to include Russia and India


    Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Air Lines have expanded the geographic scope of their proposed joint venture to include numerous additional connections across Asia and the Pacific beyond direct Japan-Hawaii flights, as well as current and future service to India and Russia, in an attempt to show additional public benefits of ...