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  • Saransk excursion-c-Volga transport prosecutor's office

    Rossiya Superjet suffers excursion after landing at Saransk


    One of Aeroflot Group carrier Rossiya’s Yakovlev Superjet 100s has suffered an excursion after landing at Saransk airport.

  • RA-73304 Pobeda-Mike 1979 Russia Creative Commons

    Aeroflot Group settles aircraft claims with lessor BOC Aviation


    Russian operator Aeroflot Group has settled with another lessor over its continued use of foreign-built aircraft. The company states that it has “completed” a settlement arrangement with the Irish arm of Singapore-based BOC Aviation. While Aeroflot Group has not disclosed terms, BOC Aviation states that it has received a cash ...

  • VQ-BMY A330 Aeroflot-c-Ikarasawa Creative Commons

    Aeroflot Group reaches financial settlement with AerCap over batch of seized aircraft


    Russia’s Aeroflot Group says it has completed a settlement with lessor AerCap concerning a batch of aircraft operated by its carriers, which were retained as part of a Russian government seizure of foreign-built fleets in response to international sanctions over the Ukrainian conflict. Aeroflot Group says AerCap has “ceased” its ...

  • Rossiya MC-21-c-Rossiya

    Prototype MC-21s to carry Rossiya livery during training programme


    Irkut has painted an MC-21 twinjet in the colour scheme of Aeroflot Group carrier Rossiya, the first airline set to receive the type. The aircraft was painted at a facility in Ulyanovsk. Rossiya was designated as the main operator of Russian-built aircraft under a re-organisation by Aeroflot Group prior to ...

  • Rossiya SSJ-c-Rossiya

    Aeroflot Group’s Rossiya names new general director


    Aeroflot Group carrier Rossiya has named Yan Burg as its general director, formalising a position in which he has acted since early March. He joined the airline as technical director in October 2018, having previously worked for Russian Helicopters as well as Aeroflot. Burg has an educational background in aircraft ...

  • Ural A320neo title-c-Ural Airlines

    EU blacklists Russian carriers over continued operation of grounded aircraft


    All three Aeroflot Group carriers, plus S7 Airlines and Ural Airlines, are among 21 Russian operators blacklisted by the European Commission over safety concerns related to continued operation of aircraft seized by the Russian government. While Russian carriers are already barred from operating within the European Union, as part of ...

  • Aeroflot A350 title-c-Airbus

    Aeroflot appoints head of Rossiya as new chief executive


    Russian flag-carrier Aeroflot has confirmed a new chief executive, Sergei Alexandrovsky, who will succeed Mikhail Poluboyarinov. Alexandrovsky is the former head of group carrier Rossiya. Poluboyarinov had led the airline for less than 18 months since being appointed in November 2020. Aeroflot has not elaborated on the succession decision, confirmed ...

  • Rossiya SSJ-c-Rossiya

    Rossiya shifts leased aircraft to Russian registry


    Aeroflot Group carrier Rossiya is claiming to have completed transfer of operational aircraft in its fleet to the Russian registry. Rossiya says 125 of its aircraft are listed on the register. “In order to minimise the risks of disruption of the flight programme during flights to foreign countries on these ...

  • First Aeroflot A350-900-c-Philippe Masclet_Airbus

    EU sanctions against Russia will hit lessors hardest, but other aerospace players also impacted


    Neither Airbus nor Boeing has significant backlog exposure to the Russian market, but the leasing industry appears harder hit by the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Moscow in the wake of its invasion of the Ukraine.

  • Rossia MC-21 seats-c-Rossiya

    Rossiya to introduce new IFE as it prepares for MC-21 entry


    Aeroflot Group carrier Rossiya is introducing a new in-flight entertainment system which will be extended to its new Irkut MC-21 fleet. Rossiya is set to become the first operator of the MC-21 when it takes starts taking delivery of the twinjet type next year. The airline says it has started ...

  • MC-21 with Russian wing-c-Irkut

    First domestic-winged MC-21 emerges as twinjet’s service entry nears


    Over the course of next year the 150-seat jet duopoly is set to evolve into a triopoly as the Irkut MC-21 enters service with Rossiya, the most significant Russian commercial aircraft development in decades. The programme has taken another significant step with the roll-out of the first aircraft whose composite ...

  • Aeroflot 777-300ER-c-Aeroflot

    Aeroflot enhances long-haul fleet with another pair of 777-300ERs


    Aeroflot Group is leasing another pair of Boeing 777-300ERs, sourcing the twinjets from a division of state lessor GTLK. The Russian operator already has 30 777s in its consolidated fleet. Aeroflot’s main operation has 20 777-300ERs while Rossiya has five -300ERs and five -300s. Aeroflot will receive the two additional ...

  • rossiya-superjet-c-telsek_shutterstock

    Rossiya fleet reaches triple figures with Superjet expansion


    Russian carrier Rossiya has taken its fleet into triple figures after introducing 42 Sukhoi Superjet 100s to its operation, as part of an Aeroflot Group network restructuring. It says its fleet has expanded to 100 aircraft as a result of the transfer of Superjets, and it intends to have 66 ...

  • Red Wings Superjet-c-Red Wings

    Red Wings among three carriers collectively signing for 50 Superjets


    Three airlines have signed letters of intent covering the acquisition of 50 Sukhoi Superjet 100s, as the MAKS 2021 air show opened in Moscow. Red Wings accounts for half of the aircraft with an agreement to take 25 of the type in 2021-22. The carrier says it ...

  • Irkut MC-21-300-c-Irkut

    Rossiya prepares to start MC-21 operations in summer 2022


    Russian carrier Rossiya is expecting to start operations with Irkut MC-21s in summer 2022, if the twinjet passes a technical readiness review. Rossiya is set to become the first carrier to fly the type in commercial service. While the MC-21 introduction is still about a year away, the ...

  • Rossiya SSJ-c-Rossiya

    Rossiya builds Superjet fleet as Russian domestic market picks up


    Aeroflot Group shifted another six Sukhoi Superjet 100s to Rossiya during March, bringing the number transferred to the airline to 14 over the first quarter. Rossiya’s fleet has increased from 67 to 81 aircraft over the three-month period as Aeroflot Group continued implementation of a strategy to use Rossiya ...

  • Krasnoyarsk new terminal-c-Krasnoyarsk airport

    Aeroflot identifies initial routes for new Krasnoyarsk international hub


    Russia’s Aeroflot Group is intending to open its new international hub at Krasnoyarsk in June, after the expansion was delayed by over a year by the air transport crisis. Aeroflot’s board has decided that the hub will open on 1 June with a summer schedule including flights to Sochi, ...

  • Rossiya 747

    Aeroflot Group impairs Rossiya goodwill and Aurora disposal


    Aeroflot Group has disclosed a Rb6.5 billion ($88 million) write-off of goodwill for its subsidiary airline Rossiya in its full-year financial results. The company has also listed a Rb5.07 billion loss from the disposal of another subsidiary, the eastern Russian carrier Aurora which it sold for the token sum ...

  • Pobeda 737-c-Pobeda

    Budget airline Pobeda proves resilient as Russian full-year traffic halves


    Russian airlines’ passenger traffic halved over the course of last year, official figures from the federal air transport regulator show. Rosaviatsia states that overall traffic was down by 52% with passenger numbers down 46% to 69.2 million. But the fall was not indiscriminate across the Russian carriers. ...

  • Rossiya tail

    Rossiya aims to have nearly 70 Superjets next year


    Russian operator Rossiya aims to introduce a fleet of nearly 70 Sukhoi Superjet 100s by the end of next year, as part of a strategic overhaul of Aeroflot Group’s operations. Rossiya says the federal aviation regulator Rosaviatsia has included the Superjet type on the carrier’s air operator’s certificate, ahead ...