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  • aegean

    Aegean declares preliminary interest in Croatia Airlines


    Greek carrier Aegean is submitting an indicative offer as part of the privatisation plan for fellow Star Alliance operator Croatia Airlines. The Croatian government stated earlier this year, during events to mark the flag-carrier’s 30th anniversary, that it was launching a strategic partnership process to maintain the airline’s competitiveness. ...

  • News

    Croatia Airlines in line for state support to stabilise carrier


    In the aftermath of the collapse of Slovenia's Adria Airways, the neighbouring Croatian government is seeking to avert a similar risk to flag carrier Croatia Airlines after setting out conditions for a capital injection.

  • News

    ​GOAL sells Q400s to Falko


    ​German Operating Aircraft Leasing has sold two Bombardier Q400 turboprops to a fund managed by Falko Regional Aircraft.

  • Number of slot co-ordinated airports

    ANALYSIS: Airports stake their claim in slot allocation


    For more than 40 years, the guidelines governing slot allocation at the world's capacity-constrained airports have been overseen by IATA and a set of national co-ordinators. Now, airports are seeking to challenge the status quo by gaining a say in how slots are awarded and – potentially – who benefits ...

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Balkan airlines struggle for survival


    When Jat Airways was rebranded Air Serbia late last year, it marked the symbolic end of the concept of a pan-western Balkan national carrier – but who, if anyone, will ultimately replace it as the dominant player in the Balkan aviation market remains an open question.

  • Croatia Q400 nose gear jam

    Croatia Q400 gear-jam probe identifies suspect part


    ​Investigators examining a Croatia Airlines Bombardier Q400, which landed with its nose-gear retracted at Zurich, believe a fractured sensor cover obstructed the nose wheel.