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    Network planning in the new reality

    Sponsored by Miami International Airport and OAG

    Airlines and airports are slowly picking up the pieces of networks shattered by a coronavirus crisis that has seen the majority of the world’s passenger flights grounded, and many countries shutting their borders to international travel. As the world of air travel opens up again, what factors will drive which routes will return first, and how might route maps change permanently? How are network planners choosing what services to reinstate and what tactics should airports use to retain or lure new customers, given that some airlines will not survive the crisis and many will be forced to drastically reappraise their networks. Will the crisis change the entire relationship between airports and airlines?

  • Emirates Airline president Tim Clark

    Tim Clark in conversation on the rise and rise of Emirates


    As Emirates Airline president and founding father Tim Clark prepares to step aside, he reflects in this FlightGlobal video interview on more than three decades at the sharp end of Dubai’s flag carrier.

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    Embracing the digital engineering revolution

    In association with Siemens

    Despite, or perhaps because of, the Covid-19 crisis, the aerospace and defence industry is under pressure like never before to be innovative and agile, and one of the most effective technologies is digital engineering: capabilities that allow enable design teams to work collaboratively and more productively. In fact, such is its potential for disruptive change, digital engineering has been described by the US Air Force as “the new stealth”. Our expert panel will discuss the potential of the technology and the benefits of becoming a truly digital enterprise, with examples from industry leaders on how it has transformed the way their businesses operate.

  • 208 In Flight

    With Tesla and SpaceX credentials, start-up flies pilotless Caravan


    A US start-up headed by former Tesla and SpaceX software engineers has completed more than 50 flights of remotely-piloted Cessna aircraft and aims to offer a certified pilotless Caravan 208 within as little as two years. Silicon Valley-based Reliable Robotics has been in business since 2017 but is just ...

  • USAF pilot in F-16

    AI wins 5 to 0 in simulated dogfights against human F-16 fighter pilot


    The AI program, named “Falcon”, defeated a senior fighter pilot and F-16 Weapons Instructor Course graduate, call sign “Banger”, in a series of nearly flawless performances that took advantage of the computer program’s ability to fly more precisely and aggressively.

  • MC-21 ingestion title

    Video images show MC-21 undergoing water-ingestion test runs


    Irkut has completed a series of water-ingestion tests of the MC-21-300 twinjet at speeds up to 150kt. The airframer says the testing has confirmed the aircraft is capable of operating on water-contaminated runways. Video: Irkut MC-21-300 water-ingestion tests Irkut performed 29 runs ...

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    Rebuilding commercial aviation from the flightdeck

    In association with CAE

    After the coronavirus pandemic led to the biggest downturn in history, the aviation industry is slowly rebuilding operations and networks. Tens of thousands of pilots throughout the world have been furloughed, laid off or taken early retirement, while others face uncertainty as work patterns and the types of aircraft they fly change.

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    Freight expectations: How air-cargo can adapt to a new reality

    In association with

    The grounding of passenger flights has led to a massive reduction in belly-hold capacity, traditionally responsible for about half of all international air freight. This has meant demand for air freight is outstripping supply. This webinar will assess the impact of this, and the long-term viability of solutions currently available, and discuss the shape of the sector that emerges from this crisis.

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    From supersonics to electrics: what chances for disruptive propulsion technologies?

    In association with Raytheon Technologies

    Are we finally close to reaching a stage where we’ve created aircrafts that are both fossil fuel free, as well as commercial? We’ll discuss recent developments in aerospace and assess the engineering and financial prospects.

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    Commercial aircraft: the next generation

    In association with

    Aircraft manufacturers’ product plans had already been dealt several blows in recent time. So how will coronavirus impact the existing struggles, and also the next generation of single-aisle aircrafts that were earmarked to replace the 737 and A320 families in the 2030s?

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    Future European combat aircraft requirements

    Sponsored by Collins Aerospace and GKN Aerospace

    Europe is facing major decisions when it comes to its next generation combat aircraft strategy. Decisions will have to be made soon about how prepared nations are to retain an independent defense manufacturing capability - is a combined industrial effort between Europe’s major defence players the most likely outcome?

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    The post-coronavirus airport: Innovating for the new normal

    In association with

    As aviation begins its slow recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, it is clear that passenger behaviour and the rules around air travel will fundamentally change. Will the world see an acceleration of AI and other innovations such as health-screening and social distancing measures? Hear from expert speakers.

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    Pilatus begins assembly of first PC-24 for Swedish air ambulance organisation


    Pilatus has begun final assembly of the first PC-24 for the KSA Swedish air ambulance organisation, from a 2019 order for six examples of the superlight business jet.

  • Mi-8AMT

    Commercial Mi-8AMT polar helicopter in serial production


    Russian Helicopters has produced the first Mil Mi-8AMT helicopter designed for civilian use in the arctic. The civilian variant of the type is now in serial production at the company’s Ulan-Ude factory, says the company. Source: Russian Helicopters The Mi-8AMT is optimized for working in ...

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    Airbus A220 VIP cabin concept revealed


    A VIP cabin concept for an Airbus A220-300 has been unveiled by two US business aviation services companies in a bid to showcase the regional airliner as a viable alternative to traditional large-cabin, long-range business jets and established VIP narrowbodies.

  • Boeing FA-18EF Block III Super Hornet rendering vi

    ​Block III Super Hornet conducts maiden sortie


    Boeing has conducted the maiden flight of the first F/A-18 Super Hornet in the new Block III configuration.

  • 22q0MUTY

    All-electric Grand Caravan makes maiden flight


    An electric-powered Cessna 208B Grand Caravan lifted off a Moses Lake runway on 28 May, marking another milestone in a project that aims to bring all-electric flight to consumer air travel.

  • Vision flightdeck, Global 7500
    In depth

    Flight test: Bombardier Global 7500 offers world travellers creature comforts


    With its Global 7500, Bombardier is looking to redefine long-range large-cabin business aviation. FlightGlobal test pilot Mike Gerzanics went to San Jose, California to try out the new flagship

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    Cessna SkyCourier makes maiden flight


    Cessna has launched the flight-test campaign for its SkyCourier, with the twin-engined turboprop making its maiden sortie on 17 May from the airframer’s headquarters in Wichita, Kansas.

  • Snowbird CT-114

    ​Snowbirds CT-114 crashes during display in Canada


    A Canadair CT-114 Tutor trainer operated by the Canadian air force’s Snowbirds team has crashed during a demonstration routine.